December 28, 2012

I was a Japanese Model

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Japanese fashion, japanese modeling, japanese makeup, african style, japanese style

asian fashion, african asian, japanese style, japanese fashion, japanese makeup

It's story time, dear readers! As you may have concluded from the side bar, Miriam and I used to live in Japan for a couple years. Living in Japan was a fashion-lover's fantasy and one of my fashion fantasies was fulfilled during my time there -- I was a fashion model! I was recruited by one of my stylish Japanese friends to be a makeup and fashion model for some up and coming stylists in Hiroshima city, Tomoco Kishita and Emi Hamada. They came up with the theme, Africa x Japan. They illustrated the theme very cleverly with a mixture of prints, a traditional Japanese obi bow, African colors and some demure yet funky accessories (those gloves!!) The makeup application was my favorite part of the process. Tomoco expertly applied the fiercest faux lashes I've ever seen and we gossiped about boys, fashion and Western celebrities (They were very fascinated by the fall of Lindsay Lohan). 

It was a chilly, rainy March morning when the shoot began and the whole process took all day. I was absolutely exhausted by the end, but Tomoco and Emi made the experience very fun by cheering me on the sidelines while many onlookers gawked -- the shoot was in the middle of a beautiful restaurant. I was very nervous in the beginning being that I had absolutely no experience but when the photographer began calling me "Moderu-san" (モデルさん = Miss Model), I was able to get into character and work that lens!! The next day at work, I told my junior-high students about the experience and they were absolutely underwhelmed. But then again, how do you get junior-high students excited unless there is a mention of a boy band (Arashi = One Direction)?! 

Here is a behind the scenes picture with Tomoco, me and Emi! 


December 15, 2012

NYE Fantasies

NYE Outfit

(Shoes - Zara, Earrings - Kohl's, Jeans - Topshop, Necklace -, Peplum top - Dorothy Perkins, Clutch - Alexander McQueen)

I know I'm jumping a little ahead here, but I'm already planning my New Year's Eve outfit. I'm personally planning on being somewhere more laid back this year. No overpriced club appearances for me...! Well, I guess you never know. 

I'm still obsessed with peplums but it's so hard to find the right proportion. Try on your peplums in person before purchasing, my friends! I have a shorter torso, so peplums are potential disasters. I had no luck in Zara, but long-waisted ladies go forth! And yes, I did include a bit of fantasy with my McQueen clutch... but maybe over the holidays I will actually attempt this DIY and make my own version. 

December 13, 2012

Northern Soul

A weekend in Manchester, escaping The Big Smoke, was the perfect excuse to take French Connection's disco leopard print skirt for a spin (literally)

The horseshoe ring and green stoned ring are both from Whistles, the skull ring is from Topshop and the plain band is from ( a really bargainous jewellery website). The studded clutch is from Primark.

The blouse is from Whistles and the necklace was a birthday present.

December 10, 2012

Fashion In Motion: Fyodor Golan

Friday was spent at the V&A, on the front row (Thank you Steph!) at  Fashion in Motion , admiring the S/S 2013 collection from Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman. Fyodor Golan only launched in 2010 and in 2011 their "Flowers of Evil" collection won the Fashion Fringe Award! Here are a few, ever so slightly blurry, photos from the show:


Fall/Winter Video Lookbook

Winter and the holiday season are inching upon us! This our favorite season for fashion with all the options: layering, different textures, boots, hats, and outerwear. Another fashion youtuber, NnekaheartsFASHION, spotted a great list of Fall/Winter trends on Refinery 29 and I had to make my own spin on a few of my favorite trends. I featured the nubby sweater, ankle boots, the (faux) leather skirt, the bright belt, and wide-brimmed hats. I attempted to the pair the trends with pieces that were staples even in the summer and spring, because who doesn't love the satisfaction of wearing your favorite warm weather piece all year round?

December 5, 2012

All Hail Dot Cotton

As the first snow of December falls our thoughts naturally turn to all things festive and once again the big issues are on our minds, "how many mince pies is it acceptable to eat in one sitting?", "why is it called mince?" and "what misery is set to befall the residents of Albert Square during the EastEnders Christmas Special?" Whatever plagues the gods choose to unleash on that hallowed day, we can only hope that tragedy doesn't strike this lady. With her permanently manicured nails, red lip-sticked mouth and collection of fantastic coats, Dot Cotton graced our screens as the ultimate in style icons and she is set to return; cigarette smoking, sherry sipping, queen of silk scarves, Dot Cotton - we salute you.

December 1, 2012

Azealia the Mermaid

Azealia Banks, in these shots from Asos, is rocking some of our favorite Fall/Winter trends -- velvet, statement choker/collar necklaces, crop tops, and oxblood lips. Queen of the crop tops, Azealia Banks, always shows just the right amount of skin and balances it with quirky or creative styling. Even those terrified of crop tops can look to Azealia for inspiration on how to keep it alluring without being "a lot of look."And she makes us want to get forest green hair extensions and live underwater too. 

November 27, 2012

Sugar Spikes

(Sweater - Forever 21, Leggings - Topshop, Bag - Present from Japan)

Another cloudy, rainy day in the DC area. This kind of weather gets my DIY juices flowing though, so I'm going to go to the fabric store and see what I can come up with. And if it isn't a complete disaster, I will make one for Miriam and also include you lovely readers on this project. A youtube video featuring this look will be up soon on my channel.

'Cause This is Ladies' Night

Crop top (Forever 21), Shorts (Urban Outfitters), Ankle Boots (Sam Edelman), Bag (Italy), Spike Bracelet (Ebay) 

One of those "I just wanna dance!" nights with my girlfriends. 

November 24, 2012

Ode to a Nightingale...called Norman

Bird-cage ring by Buddug. 

This is Norman, perhaps the greatest piece of jewellery to have ever been created. He was adopted (not bought - that's far too vulgar) from a lovely little boutique in Newcastle (now online at around 4 years ago. In his short life he has journeyed in and around Eurasia and then back again to England, all the while serving as a reminder of the importance of freedom. Perhaps he looks a little careworn now, his beautiful plume less lustrous, yet he still receives admiring (?) glances wherever he goes and is a firm favourite among friends!

November 22, 2012

Chilly Beauty

Makeup, one of the most fun and changeable accessories, is so much better in the F/W. Glitters are encouraged and so are exciting lip shades and eye looks. I recently picked up Essie's deep dark green Stylenomics and I paired it with a multi-colored glitter from Milani. Stylenomics looks like deep green in the bottle but on the nails it looks more black. 

Miriam and I are hardcore fans of cat-eye looks for the eyes, and I recently found an amazing dupe for the Japanese eye liner pens that we hoarded when we lived in Hiroshima -- Physician's Formula Eye Booster Liquid Liner. It has the same brush tip applicator as Japanese liners, and what's more is that it has lash lengthening serum in the formula. I can never remember to apply my lash enhancing serums before bed, but since I wear eyeliner almost every day this is great! I haven't noticed the effects yet, but I am hopeful.


November 20, 2012

Countryfile (Neon Style)

Beanie (H&M),  mini-satchel (Zadig & Voltaire), biker jacket (Mango), jumper and ankle boots (Topshop)

Little Sis' is adorable on a country walk this Autumn. Neon trend -- can't stop, won't stop! 

From the Beach

Maxi Skirt (Brandy Melville), Bag (PS 1), Top (Forever 21)

Can I retire on a beachfront house on Manhattan beach? 

November 18, 2012

Come on down to Electric Avenue

 Lattice Dress (Nasty Gal), Biker Jacket and Chelsea Boots (both Topshop)

  Saddle Bag (Vintage), Eternity Ring (Grandma's)

Really looking forward to being able to show Siobhan the delights of Brixton <3

November 15, 2012

This is Fall - LA style

Chambray shirt (Madewell), Studded Shorts (Zara), Bag (Proenza Schouler), Bracelet (Brandy Melville) 

Being able to sit on the beach in late October watching the sunset was magical. And now I'm back in D.C. snuggling up in a sweater. I must live in LA one day though. 

November 3, 2012

Hallow's eve

(Leather Jacket - Songtan, Korea Boutique, Lace Dress - Nastygal Vintage) 
Happy Halloween, dear readers! How was your night and what did you disguise yourselves as? Now, I find that selecting a Halloween costume is less about a pre-packaged polyester mini-dress but being able to look through your wardrobe or local thrift store and creating the look! This is my Black Swan eye-makeup look -- post-partying and in full-regret mode because of the amount of black eyeliner I'm about to hemorrhage off of my face. 


October 16, 2012

In Between Days

Excitingly Autumn is upon us! But just before tights are an absolute necessity, there is still a little bit of  bare leg weather to be eked out.

Vegan leather skirt (ASOS), tweed jacket (vintage), summery blouse (Next), gold collar necklace (H&M), wedge ankle-boots (Topshop), frilly socks (American Apparel)

Vintage handbag from Freshman's in Sheffield is on "long term loan" from Little Sis and birdcage ring is by Buddug

Rainy Day!

Fall has arrived -- the arguably best season for fashion in the minds of these bloggers. And also for something new, check out our tumblrs on the sidebar. Follow us and let us know what you think!

September 25, 2012

Blue Velvet

Just when I thought that my girl crush was under control...not so! In the words of The Cure, "Why Can't I Be You?"
Lana Del Rey, you're amazing/simply elegant!


September 23, 2012

She who wears the crown Pt.1

I am currently in the process of wedding planning (yay!) and I am pleased to say that I found "the dress." Finding it made me so happy, and so did the prospects of picking out accessories! Shoes, garters, veils, hair accessories -- I am so excited. I have been a big fan of the floral crown trend for awhile but I haven't found many chances to rock it in my everyday life. Thank goodness for wedding days and Renaissance festivals. This floral crown Abby Lee is wearing seems so perfectly bridal and trendy at the same time with the pastel hues. The search continues for my perfect one. 

Mythical Fringe

Yet again in the midst of a hair crisis, this time it’s as a result of happening upon a hornless unicorn whilst walking in the country – very jealous of its fantastic blunt fringe (having said that, some sort of hair adornment might have been nice) #unicorn #fringe #betterwithbling

September 13, 2012

How to be a Heartbreaker

One my newest style icons is Marina and the Diamonds (Yes, that is singular -- "we" are the diamonds). I think it's the edginess of her hyper-feminine style that draws me in. Why can't it be socially acceptable for 18th century style beauty marks to worn again? Take a listen to one of Marina's most informational tracks, "How to be a Heartbreaker."

September 11, 2012


Tuesday evening was spent pimping an old, and much neglected, pair of Chuck Taylors - here they are!

September 10, 2012

In Transition

jacket: h&m / dress: seoul / roscoe boots: jeffrey campbell

Oh, black tights. The only thing I can rely upon when seasons change.

A Different Medium


September 8, 2012

Brighton Rocks

Remotely fashion went on a day trip to Brighton and took the opportunity to wear this new, really rather heavy, H&M necklace (£25) Because children, bling isn’t just for Christmas.

Vogue's Fashion Night Out

On Thursday, Remotely Fashion could be found at Vogue's Fashion Night Out in London; it was the perfect excuse to debut my Leroy's Place Biggie and Tupac studs (from and the whole evening was a fantastic flurry of fun, friends, free cocktails and of course, FASHION.  R.F even met Daniel Lismore, named by U.S Vogue as "London's most outrageous dresser", and by R.F as bloody lovely!
Hope you enjoy the Instagram pictures from the night.

 Beautiful Pearl Collar Necklace
 Golden Macaroons at Tiffany& Co.

The very lovely Daniel Lismore

Gimme Skulls

Looking at this picture makes me miss Seoul-shopping so much! I loved the racks-on-racks of distressed high-waisted jean shorts in every color imaginable, and the quirky graphics of skulls, unicorns, matches, screws, pencils that were featured on things from t-shirts to earrings. I'm hoping that I'll be able to visit Seoul again in November this year and partake in the fall/winter fashion because it is so practical and chic (it gets verrrry cold).

August 24, 2012

Hello Out There!

We all know that this platform works, but I feel like a blog doesn't truly start until a short, soft echoic entry into the internet abyss is sounded, "Hello out there! This is our fashion blog. Enjoy!"
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