December 31, 2013

New Year's Fashion Resolutions

With absolutely no intention of giving up alcohol for January* or  resolving to "get in shape" we bring you our entirely fashion related resolutions for the brand spanking new year.

Siobhan's Resolutions

Clockwise: Dress by SUNO, Tops both from Topshop

1. Lady Murasaki: I will try to give purple more of a chance in my wardrobe next year. For some reason, my eye never wanders toward purple garments and the last purple item I have purchased was sometime back in 2007 (an adorable dress that unforgivably wrinkled, which may have caused some sort of association in my mind with the color). Now that Pantone has deemed Radiant Orchid the color of 2014, it is the perfect chance to let some of the royal color into my life. I also have an aversion towards yellow, but I am not fully prepared to cross that color bridge yet... maybe another year?

2. Pass the ClutchThey say that ladies are usually either "shoe girls" or "bag girls" and my fashion genetic code leans more towards "shoe." I tend to cling madly to an black medium-sized bag until it pretty much unravels. You all know I love my PS 1 Bag madlyyyy, but I've decided this year to diversify my portfolio and try to rotate my hand bags more frequently. I've decided to start off small and work my way up, so I think I will first focus on clutch bags. Miriam is the Queen of the Clutch, so I shall be asking her to give me guidance in the way of the no-strap-wonder. 

Miriam's Resolutions

1. Earring Aid: As a result of Dolce and Gabbana's breathtakingly beautiful SS14 collection, I intend to spend the majority of next year prancing around in large gold earrings, pretending to be Sicilian.

From Left: Isabel MarantDuneTopshop

2. Best Foot Forward:  I rarely wear real heels because, as my friends will attest, I am a raging bitch when my feet hurt, but 2014 could just be the year that I finally stop being a baby and dress my feet in a more ladylike manner. This is of course resolved under the assumption that resolutions, much like ankles, are made to be broken.

*During dark and dreary January, alcohol is more necessary than ever but if you are unwise enough to give it up, please do keep it to yourself, there really are few things as tedious as a reformed character. 

December 26, 2013

Sneak Up!

Outfit details:
Black and White Jumper - Topshop
Joni Jeans - Topshop
Black Boyfriend Coat - Tokyo
Sneakers - Neon Pink Nike Frees

A simple and rather casual outfit of the day, but I felt that I should take our own advice about the sneaker trend and try it out in the wild. The first challenge was figuring out my color palette, and monochrome seemed the easiest to pair with my neon pink kicks. Next time, I'm going to experiment with a more girly outfit and see what I come up with it. But, you know -- baby steps! And speaking of steps, I did quite a bit of walking that day and my feet thanked me for wearing my Nikes. 

BONUS BLOOPER: Super windy day challenges of a fashion blogger. For every blog-approved picture there are several of these! (^_-)

December 24, 2013

Style Barometer: Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas eve, dear Remotely Fashion readers! We hope our latest choices of do's and don'ts for the holidays bring you some laughter and joy. Have fun everyone! And don't worry, you won't have to love-hate listen to "Last Christmas" for very 
much longer. 


December 21, 2013

Map My Heart

It's that time of year again and you're panic buying. But before you resort to selecting something from the gender specific sections of gift guides, ever so helpfully marked "For Him" and "For Her"*, take a look at Map My Heart**, the debut book from our all time favourite illustrator Dominic Evans A.K.A Dom & Ink. Now, we can wax lyrical about Dom's delectable drawings and on this very blog wrote that he draws what's in our hearts, but we were quite unaware that among his other qualities, he also has the power to cure heartache.

This book, chock-a-block full of beautiful illustrations and funny observations, will be well received by anyone who has ever had their heart tampered with. It's a gift for the giver too as its therapy, interactive style will stop your friend bleating on at you about whichever worthless individual has recently stomped on their heart. Because, whether a heart is wrapped in velvet and encrusted with diamonds or made entirely from ice, it can always be smashed -- luckily Dom, like a more successful version of all the King's horses, is here to put it back together again. 

Here's a peek at the pages of perfection: 

*Note to electrical manufacturers: Women are perfectly capable of using speakers, cameras etc that are not coloured bubblegum pink and whilst some of us may dream of living in Barbie's Dream House, this rule is not applicable to every individual with bumps under their jumper, so please be so kind as to stop it now. 

**Available from all good retailers: Amazon UK, Waterstones, Foyles and the brick and mortar Waterstones in Picadilly.

December 20, 2013

Magpie Eyes: New Year's Eve Inspiration

It is a truth universally acknowledged that New Year's Eve is awful; overpriced drinks, long queues and the depressing sight of people pretending to have had the most wonderful year - their smiles not quite meeting their eyes - all combine to create what is, to any right thinking person, the most horrid night of the year. And this annual evening, when your triumphs and failures are weighed up, inexplicably comes with the dress code of GLITZ, rather than Pyjama.

Now magpies we may be, but even to these glitter attracted eyes, sequins very much fall into three categories of the good, the bad and the ugly. So, if you are unhinged enough to throw off your PJs and venture into the outside world, adorned in your finery, take a peak below at our top spangly picks, which will ensure that when it comes to sparkle, you will even rival the glitter ball.

Now I 'Aint Saying You A Gold Digger

"Oz, The Great and Powerful" When Monkey's Fly! - OPI Nail Polish
Phone Case: Skinny Dip, 
Sequinned skirt: Topshop
Beanie: Markus Lupfer
Clutch: Mawi,
Lace up shoes: ASOS
Necklace: Miss Selfridge

December 17, 2013

Sneaker Pimps

Photo by Mark Iantosca

My poor, poor feet. I have not worn a properly supportive shoe on a regular basis since middle school. They were powder blue with white laces and may still live in my parents' house to this day (they might have been FUBU). Of course, when exercising I rely on my Nike Free's, and although I do love Converses you all know they are flat as pancakes and don't really offer support. Aside from those two instances, sneakers have always seemed completely foreign to me. I just masochistically accepted that my ballet flats or loafers would literally pound the pavement. But since the undeniable 'Sports Luxe' trend arose, it only makes sense that sneakers are now free again to cushion the toes of any fashionista. Seeing these fierce ladies (and baby) pictured below, give me the strength to accept that maybe I can rock sneakers and no longer bear the pain of city streets!

Photo by Silas Lee

It appears that sneakers can go with any type of outfit, whether it is fancy or casual. All that is necessary is a leap of fashion faith and adeptly hidden socks (or are they even wearing socks??). Below are our sneaker fantasies!
2. LOSERS Readymade in Metallic Silver
4. Nike Roshe Run in Black
5. New Balance 574 Trainers in Burgundy

December 14, 2013

Drink Feast: A Journey Through Time And Space

Another night, another excellent Offbeat event. But this time instead of fashion, the theme was drinking, as twelve of  the capitals most exciting plonk purveyors set up shop in the Hoxton docks. From festive g&ts from The Travelling Gin Co. to sours from Pisco Fuego, there was pretty much every cocktail you could dream of and we took the opportunity to try to shake various ailments with concoctions from some mildly suspect Victorian apothecaries. Unless you're good friends with The Doctor, this is as close as you will get to travelling through space and time in one evening. 
Sharp suits, casino tokens, matadors and hay bales - what more could you ask for?


Ellie Lines SS14

The Debbie (bottom right) is the shortest piece and is named after Ellie's mum because of her killer legs!

Popping up until tomorrow, at Duke St's Fleur B, is the debut dress collection from the very lovely, stylist and designer, Ellie Lines. But we don't recommend that you go there if you suffer at all from SAD, because the beautiful collection is sure to make you wish for summer, just in order to don a dress.

The frocks are all named after Ellie's friends and we think that the jewel print Catherine will set you longing to stroll down a white sandy beach, Margarita in hand and Don Draper on your arm!

Mood boards to set your heart a flutter.
  The umbrella print is perfect for the English summer.
  All of the dresses are made in England using silk.

December 13, 2013

Clothes Show Live Fashion Blogger of the Year Award!

We're not sure whether we will have to hand the trophy over to next year's winner, in the manner of a Miss World competition, but the way we feel about it now, you would have to prise it out of our cold, dead hands!

Last Friday it felt as though St Nicholas had appeared a little sooner than he was expected to, as we were named the Clothes Show Live's Blogger of the Year!

We were particularly happy bunnies because the award was judged by a firm favourite of ours, the super lovely Sasha Wilkins of Liberty London Girl, who we are really looking forward to seeing at LFW --we will try to keep our squeals of excitement to a bare minimum but do recommend ear plugs, just to take the edge off.
The Clothes Show was an integral part of my childhood and is definitely, at least in part, responsible for me being a fashion nerd today. I would tune in to see Jeff Banks and Caryn Franklin, with her wonderful shock of silver, talking all things fashion and later, as a teenager, would pore over the Clothes Show Magazine (one edition was particularly well thumbed due to a work wear spread featuring a very fetching Karen Millen inverted pinstripe suit, this was when they made things other than brightly coloured body-con dresses, designed exclusively for attending the wedding of an ex who you're totally over and friends with, so you can stop judging me now) which makes this award all the more exciting! 
I had always wanted to attend the Clothes Show, although it seemed a million miles away from rural Cumbria and it did not disappoint. When I wasn't gazing wistfully at the photo-booths, wishing that my purikura partner was there with me, I had a splendid time; Sasha's interview was truly inspiring, the Fashion Theatre was a lot of fun and it was awesome to yammer away with some of the other lovely finalists, Ann from Edinburgh based Frock Trade and Eshe from YNKE about blogging, vintage and the power of gold lame. 

And so, we would just like to yell  a humongous THANK YOU to Sasha and to Clothes Show Live for making our 2013 as sparkly as a unicorn's mane! 

Even in the excitement of winning, my magpie eyes were drawn to Sasha's gorgeous clutch!

Sasha Wilkins of Liberty London Girl spoke about the importance feeling comfortable and confident in your clothes - as Gewn Stefani sang, "Style is Style, Fashion is Fashion - Girl, you got style"

Have a gander at the ensembles of the finalists!
Eshe of YNKE, whose blazer made my eyes dance!
Blazer: Pink Pigeon Vintage
Blouse: Topshop
Shoes: Step in Style
csl05 csl08
Ann from Frock Trade with her outstanding collar.
Scarf and DressKaren Mobon
Boots and Socks: New Look

csl11 csl10
Chantel is Eshe's lovely fashion loving bestie and writes for In The Grime
Cream Shirt: Forever 21
Leather Front Leggings: H&M
Cut Out Boots: H&M


December 10, 2013

Fashion in Motion: Street Style

Before the Meadham Kirchoff show began, us RF girls were buzzing with excitement for the show and our win at Clothes Show Live for Fashion Blogger of the Year (more coming up soon about that!) Currently at the V&A, the main entrance's foyer has an absolutely gorgeous Christmas Tree of Love made of Velvet & Antlers. It certainly made us feel festive! We managed to snap a couple outfit pics of our friends, some fashionable attendees and our own outfits, so have a look below! 
Miriam's Outfit:
Sheer Cream Button-Up Blouse - Zara
Camel PVC Dindrl (If you don't know what a dindrl is, find out here! Miriam just educated me)  - H&M
Shiny Black Flatforms - Topshop
Leather Bomber Jacket - Mango

Siobhan's Outfit:
Velvet Floral Blouse - Topshop
Knitted Coat - H&M
MOM Jeans - Topshop
Glittery Socks - Topshop
Patent Block Sandals - Topshop
Baroque-inspired Earrings - River Island
How did we get such fabulous-looking friends? We're not entirely sure, but we are probably subconsciously seeking them out.

Barney's feminine collar looked absolutely fetching with t-shirt and leopard-print coat!

This eye-catching trio looked so chic and encapsulated the feeling of the Meadham Kirchoff show with their pretty, shiny shoes, pastel fluffiness and cute hairstyles!

Miriam double-fisting prosecco (jk! She's holding mine) and tickets to the Meadham Kirchoff show. Miriam also layered her Berber-name necklace and Dinosaur necklace from one of our BFF's, Esmeralda.

These flatforms went from London to Birmingham and back, all in one day!

Socks and sandals -- the only way to get the most money out of your summer shoes.

After the awe-inspiring show, we were completely high on life with thoughts of face veils and rhinestone makeup swimming in our heads. We decided to be cheeky and take a couple sneaky pics on the set before we exited.

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