January 29, 2014

How We Wear | PVC Skirt: Fancy

 photo fancy010_zps8f1aa44a.jpg
Mysterious and sleek, PVC naturally lends itself to the night. Less gregarious than glitter, and more sultry than sparkles, vinyl is a fabulous fabric to wear on fancy night-out where you are trying to impress. However, it also means that wearing PVC in the evening can actually be the trickiest of all, due to its unfortunate association with ladies of the night. To avoid being picked up for solicitation, we advise pairing the PVC with something decidedly unsexy, like a cozy cardi or socks with sandals. Regardless, be prepared from comments from strangers (mostly from fashion-hungry gals and men who run tumblrs dedicated to fetish wear, but all positive, really).  

To go with the somewhat gothic fabric, we had to add in vampy lips and black apparel. Miriam's hoop earrings (in adherence to her 2014 Fashion Resolution) were a happy experiment that we found looked fetching with her ensemble. We might actually be hoop converts! And Siobhan added her fluffy coatigan to add a little textural interest... plus it was balls to the walls cold. Miriam's Northern (Stark?) blood makes her impenetrable to the frigid air.
 photo fancy03_zps863ba515.jpg  photo fancy01_zps1ae5b147.jpg  photo fancy07_zpsd34a9496.jpg  photo fancy06_zps37a4bba7.jpg
Miriam's Outfit
PVC Dindrl - H&M
Black Sleeveless Studded Blouse - Monki 
Hoop Earrings - Accessorise
Cream Locket Clutch - South Korea
Vampy Lipstick - MAC Hang Up
Silver Sparkle Nails - Space Dust from Rimmel in 'Shooting Star'

Siobhan's Outfit
Lace Dress (worn as a top) - H&M
PVC Skirt - Topshop
Cream Coatigan - H&M (similar here)
Chelsea Boots with Tread - H&M (similar here)
Vampy Lips - Topshop Lip Cream in 'Lotus'
Rose Gold Clutch - Whistles (similar here)
Love hand chain - Dahlia (similar here)

January 23, 2014

How We Wear | PVC Skirt: Family Appropriate

 photo fun-01_zps0f471700.jpg

It is our long held belief that, rather than eyes, it is a person's tumblr that acts as a window into the soul. Usually they are a visual representation of a person's id, a disturbing insight into what's happening below the surface, but somehow when putting together our PVC for Church* outfits, our tumblrs
must have propelled themselves right into our frontal lobes, as we seem to have dressed as cool and prissy ladies respectively.

In our next installment we shall be tackling PVC skirt for a dressy occasion! Stay tuned!
 photo bag02_zps0fb3dae2.jpg
 photo bag01_zps72600402.jpg
Miriam's Outfit
Fluffy jumper - Whistles (similar here)
Sparkly Statement Necklace - Urban Outfitters
Silver Brogues - Zara
Frilly Socks - Topshop
PVC Skirt - H&M
Quilted Print Clutch - & Other Stories
Pink Lipstick - Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in 'Sweet Tart'

Siobhan's Outfit
Chambray Shirt - Madewell
Spike Necklace - River Island
Black Vinyl Pencil Skirt - Topshop
Sandals - Topshop
Patent Snake-skin leather bag - H&M
Orange Lipstick - Revlon Lip Balm Stain in 'Rendez-vous'

*PVC in a church may strike you as inappropriate, but then it was also considered to be in poor taste for Madonna to have cast a black Jesus in the video for Like A Prayer even though anyone with even the smallest speck of sense knows that the odds of a chap from Bethlehem being a blonde bombshell are relatively slim -- particularly before the invention of Sun In. 

January 20, 2014

Style Icon: Lupita Nyong'o

Award-winning actress, Yale School of Drama grad, newest Miu Miu 'face' for Spring 2014 and a self-pronounced gamer-lady (Final Fantasy 8 lover!) Lupita Nyong'o is pretty much the coolest girl in the world right now. With award season in full swing, we have been fortunate to see the beautiful Lupita in a wide array of eye-catching dresses. Fearless of bright hues, she has inspired us to be color-lovers for the rest of this ice cold winter. Now with the Academy Awards arriving soon, we are sure all eyes will be on Lupita and what she wears on that red carpet. We can't hardly wait!


January 17, 2014

How We Wear | PVC Skirts: Casual

Fashion can be a cruel mistress and this winter there was no respite from the lashings of her whip, as PVC was deemed to be the fabric of the season. Now while it looks breathtaking on the catwalk (see Meadham Kirchoff) and is perfectly appropriate in an S&M dungeon, aside from it's obvious waterproof quality, we were a little unsure as to how well it would translate to real life. So we set ourselves a challenge, to wear PVC for three different occasions. 

 First up is a casual look that we imagine wearing to the skate park, Mountain Dews in hand, to watch the fellas land some rad tricks. It begins to sprinkle but our beanies keep our hair in check while our tread-bearing flats allow us to run to the closest covering without slipping since we are both self-diagnosed klutzes. Yes, developing detailed back stories is essential in the outfit planning process. Our next installment will feature two other exciting occasions to wear this fetish gear in a really non-fetish way. Stay tuned!

Siobhan's outfit
Beanie - Urban Outfitters
Sweatshirt - Zara
PVC Skirt - Topshop
Gold Sparkle Socks - Topshop
Purple Loafers - ASOS

Miriam's outfit 
PVC Dirndl - H&M
Bomber Jacket - Forever 21
White Tee - Mango 
Silver Chain - H&M
Leopard Print Sneakers - Vans
Oil slick beanie - H&M

January 13, 2014

Golden Globes Fashion 2014

Until it becomes socially acceptable to prance down Oxford Street wearing evening gowns, we shall just have to live vicariously through Hollywood's glitterati. 

Cate Blanchett
Victorian melodrama meets old Hollywood; this dress is perfect. 


January 9, 2014

Review: Topshop Lip Cream and Velvet Lips

This winter, Miriam and I have been experimenting with very intense lip colors ranging from deep scarlet reds to dark plum purples. Sometimes the darkest of lip colors can add just the perfect gothic edge to a feminine outfit. The dark side of the color spectrum can be intimidating, but they are flattering on a variety of skin tones. Just channel your inner Clara Bow and you're set to go!
Being the lip color fiends that we are, when we spotted Topshop's newest lip color creations we had to try them out. First up, I tried Velvet Lips in Plush. (Not currently available online, but should be in stores.) There is no scent for this lip product and it comes with a doe-foot applicator. You can pretty precisely define the shape of your lips without a lip liner using this product; however, being the perfectionist that I am, I would apply a lipliner under it when I use it in the future. It clings unforgivably to any dry skin on your lips so you MUST exfoliate your lips before using this product. I had to remove the product and reapply because it looked so horrid! The formula dries fairly quickly and is best applied in layers after each coat dries. Do not be tempted to rub your lips together in order to distribute the product on your lips because it will create patches and splotchiness. I also found that it applying too much of this product will create splotchiness, so I would say three coats maximum. The finish is absolutely matte and doesn't transfer easily.
But I found my lips looking a little tight and dry, so it was the Topshop Lip Cream in Lotus Flower to the rescue. It has a heavenly vanilla scent and also comes with a doe-foot applicator. The creamy formula has an lovely iridescence and is very moisturizing. It comes packed with color and could be worn alone except for the fact that the formula slides and transfers easily so it is best worn with a base of either lip liner, lipstick or the Velvet Lips product that I have on here. It has a beautiful glossy finish, but it is not sticky like a regular lip gloss. It also transformed the color of the Velvet Lips to a more red-based purple, rather than a blue one. 

After layering the Lip Cream on the Velvet Lips product, I put them both to one my top anxiety-producing tests -- eating food with lipstick on. I always seem to get the dreadful 90s lip liner look whenever I eat with lipstick on. I ate a semi-messy sandwich wrap and drank a cup of piping hot Earl Grey tea and noticed the lip color transferring quite a bit on the wrap. My hopes were dashed and I finished my sandwich. But then, I looked into the mirror and barely any of the color budged!! Even the iridescent glossiness of the Lip Cream remained. The photos below show my mouth after eating.

After eating(!):

Pretty cool, right? Overall, I think both products are great but the Lip Cream is something I could see myself using more often. Velvet Lips is remarkable in its long-wearingness but it may be a touch too blue-based for my liking. Aside from that, the trickiness of the application process (waiting for each layer to dry) makes it something that I couldn't really toss in my bag and apply on the go.

What are your favorite vampy lip colors? Let us know in the comments!

January 3, 2014

Ask RF: Under Construction

As we sail into 2014 we are marking the beginning of the new year with a brand new series  -- Ask RF. Email us your fashion conundrums and we will, like year round elves, do our level best to help.

Dear RF,
I’ve recently started to spend a lot of time on construction sites for my job (I’m a field engineer), and the first thing you learn while on site is SAFETY FIRST! I’ve got a hard hat that I take with me, but it didn’t take me long to find out that ballet flats aren’t the most ideal footwear for dodging nails, climbing ladders and tromping through dirt.  After a fruitless Google search for “female engineer wardrobe”, I asked my colleagues (all men in their late 40’s to early 50’s) what I should purchase.  Now, I know fashion isn’t the #1 priority in my field, but the general consensus of “$50 steel-toes from Wal-Mart” wasn’t the response I was hoping for.  Is there anything out there that 1) has a thick enough sole that a rogue nail won’t land me in the hospital for tetanus boosters; 2) is comfy enough to stand up to 10-12 hour days; and 3) looks utilitarian enough that it doesn’t open me up to “engineer Barbie” jokes, but still fashionable enough that I might be able to integrate them into my wardrobe?
- Amanda

Dear Amanda,
First of all, congratulations on your new position! We totally empathize with your need to be fashionable but stable on rocky ground. Your question reminded us of our days in Japan when we would get invited to hike up Mount Misen in Miyajima and realized that we only owned cute (but flimsy) flats and a couple fun heels. We opted for flats but they were dusty and dingy by the end of it, and while our Japanese sisters were somehow able to ascend the mountain in platform pin-up heels, we yearned for a shoe that would be stylish but sturdy.

Fortunately, we think have discovered some rugged options that you will be able to seamlessly incorporate when you're off the job. Make sure to protect your shoes from the elements at your workplace with a shoe protector spray and we hope you'll be stomping proudly in your new shoes! 
xoxo RF

If you have a fashion query of your own, send us a message at remotelyfashion@gmail.com with the title "Ask RF"!
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