October 31, 2013

Style Barometer: Halloween Edition


Happy Halloween, ghouls and gals! Halloween may be one of our favorite holidays as we really can't even say no to the opportunity to dress up in something outrageous, whether it be scary or fabulous! But as it is our favorite holiday, we have some developed some loves & loathes so we've ranked them up on our newest Style Barometer. 

We RFers have also started the tradition of Halloween nail art and Miriam's creation above will be hard to top this year. If you're looking for some Halloween nail art inspiration we recommend the following YouTube tutorials below that will surely bring out your Halloween drear~ 

Halloween Witch's Brew by ArcadiaNailArt
Spider Web Nail Art by StefiBeauty

As referenced above, Take Back Halloween, will definitely be our newest resource for tutorials on inventive costumes. How about you, dear readers? What will be your costume this year or how will you celebrate? Lets us know if you have any Halloween-themed loves or loathes in the comments below. (cue eery music, lightning and cackling witch sound effects here!)

October 29, 2013

Halloween Work Wear

We believe that you can never be too old for Halloween celebrations, but one of the things that sucks about being an adult is not being able to wear the McCall's-pattern-mom-made Belle dress out in the daylight on October 31st. 

You may have to wait til the weekend to fully unfurl your costume designs, but as Halloween falls on a Thursday this year, we encourage fellow Halloween lovers to inject some ghoulish glam into their everyday work wear.

1. Me & Zena Spider Web Necklace - If Arachnaphobia still gives you nightmares then this necklace might not be for you, but we think this Black Window jewelry is a beautiful touch of dark glamour and surely Elvira-approved!

2. Barry M Halloween Green Polish - Orange and Black are the go to Halloween shades but we feel Frankenstein and the Creature from the Black Lagoon deserve some color love. You can Monster Mash your keyboard with your monster green digits. 

3. Polly Sock Halloween - These Jack Skellington-esque socks would look absolutely rad with a pair of prim and proper pumps and a midi skirt. If you feel that bones on show on too much for your workplace you can always hide them securely in a pair of booties and just be warmed by your secret Halloween love. 

4. Burgundy Ladder Tights - These ladder and lace tights evoke the image of cobwebs and the beautiful wine color will lend itself to many Autumnal outfits. 

5. Full Midi Skirt in Patent - Give off a wicked witch vibe in this PVC skirt that hits so many F/W seasonal trends -- gothic & 90s (Yes, we remember that pleather jacket you rocked on the playground.)

6. Lazy Oaf Kitty Pass Case - Some people believe that black cats bring bad luck -- but according to superstition, it's only if they cross your path. Keeping a black cat is actually good luck! So bring yourself some much-needed luck on your morning commute with this Black kitty cat pass case.

7. MAC Lipstick in 'Hang Up' - Vampy lips are everywhere this season and we love it! It's a great excuse to channel your favorite character from The Craft.

8. Bella Feather Jacket - As soon as Halloween hits, the temperatures drop. You'll need some faux fluff to keep you warm, you might as well look like a glamorous evil queen. Don't forget your pointy heels, extra arched eyebrows and an apple in your lunch bag. 


October 28, 2013

Girls Keep Singing

We don't think it's our conjoined imagination - it really does seem as though ladies are taking their rightful place in the charts; Solange Knowles, Haim, Lorde, Janelle Monae - here are well dressed women, relying on their singing rather than stripping ability. Is this the dawn of a new day? Is a lioness cub being ceremoniously held up to the sun? We're not sure, but we do so hope that we that the days of gyrating, dead behind the eyes girls is over (their presence only adds to the pornification of our culture and to be honest, we don't really think that the world needs any encouragement to further debase women) and we welcome the arrival of these stylish songstresses...

The girl who dethroned Miley Cyrus from the top of the Hot 100 is bringing a different sort of buzz and at just 16 already has a strong sense of style, favouring long skirts, trousers and eyeliner flicks that could launch a thousand ships. In an interview with Teen Vogue, Lorde said that when choosing clothes to wear on stage she has “to feel strong and feel like I can command attention”, a very refreshing change from the vulnerable look favoured by some – we like her, we like her a lot, but can’t help but wonder, how can someone so young be so wise?

Janelle Monae is bringing back the funk to 2013 and her newest album "The Electric Lady" will not disappoint R&B fans who love the funky stylings of other artists such as Prince or Erykah Badu (in fact, they are both featured on this album!). Janelle's style is monochromatic and tomboyish with clear inspirations from the 1960s and also the fantasy cyberpunk world of 'Metropolis' which is where her concept albums take place. We adore how she stomps around in all-white and a pair of suspenders /braces (gotta keep it real for you US or UK people) and combat boots during her shows.  

Who on earth could cope with the pressure of being Beyonce’s little sister? Solange, instead of trying to be a mini–Bey, came out with a totally different style, both musically and aesthetically. Clearly disregarding Tina Knowles’ style advice (it was the Knowles matriarch who was responsible for some of the worst offenses committed by Destiny’s Child on their 16 year fashion-crime spree) this summer she was the queen of clashing prints and has continued to wow with her super cool look which incorporates many a man repelling element.

We have already waxed lyrical about our love for the HAIM sisters (peep some HAIM-inspired clothing here!), but we can't over-gush how much about this stylish trio sets our hearts and ears a-flutter. The sisters definitely have their own distinct style, which makes them all the more the exciting. And if you ever need to tell them apart, Alana wears the awesome leather vests, Danielle wears the cute high-waisted jorts, and Este always rocks bright red lips. Their easy styles aren't glam, but it makes them much more relatable than some other pop sensations who practically take naked baths in diamonds.


October 25, 2013

Print Psychology

Do you ever look through your wardrobe pieces from 2008-2011 and wonder how you managed to pull off that much grey and black without looking like a cloud of dreariness? Now, there is nothing wrong with excess amounts of black in one's wardrobe, but around 2012, bright colors and peppy prints were re-birthed by the fashion womb and held up the sun like little Simba. 

Speaking of the Lion King, have you ever wondered WHY leopard will just not go away? Or why we call some plaids 'ladylike' and others 'grunge'? Or maybe wondered why Mary Katranzou's intricate prints leave you hypnotized? Well, head on over to Zero Magazine and check out an article I (Siobhan) wrote about psychology and printed textiles! 

I can only prove the headiness of this piece by a recent conversation with my mother, who is DEATHLY afraid of snakes.

Siobhan: So that's why people like predator animal prints.
Siobhan's mom: I have 3 snake-skin print blouses!!! What am I doing?? 
Have you ever wondered why people are so obsessed with a certain fashion item? (Ummm, Jeffrey Campbell Litas?) Let us know in the comments below!

October 24, 2013

Haus of Deck Ear Cuff Giveaway!

It doesn't feel so long ago that us RF girls were wandering around the Shareo underground mall in Hiroshima city when we stumbled upon some enchanting ear cuffs at our favorite jewelry store. As with every new fashion trend, we debated whether to include this in our jewelry box but we ultimately passed. Since then, we've been haunted by the ghost of unwise decisions past and have seen ear cuff jewelry explode. But like a merciful fairy, we were contacted by fashion jewelry boutique, Haus of Deck, and they offered to send us some ear cuff jewelry to review and also sponsor a giveaway for our wonderful readers. Once we saw their outrageously beguiling pieces, we jumped on the chance! Forever forgiven for our mistakes, we say thanks to Haus of Deck.

Check out our review of their jewelry and below that will be the rules for the giveaway! Enjoy, loves!

Miriam's outfit:
Kimono jacket - River Island
Leopard print jeans - Whistles
Sheer blouse - Zara
Satchel - ASOS (stolen from Little Sis)
Stompy boots - Topshop

Miriam's review: As lovely as it was having an ear positively brimming with sparkle, I couldn't quite shake the feeling that the ear-cuff was in fact a relic from some dystopian future and that I was no longer master of my own thoughts. If you can get over that, it really does make a very pleasing addition to an outfit and is a nice way of making an effort on an otherwise lazy Sunday.

Siobhan's outfit:
Floral chiffon blouse - Forever 21
Black necklace - Urban Outfitters
Leather jacket - H&M
Black Skinnies - Topshop
D'orsay Flats - Chinese Laundry

Siobhan's review: As soon as I donned my golden leaf ear cuff, I did feel the spirit of Daenerys Targaryean enter my body. It hooked easily behind my ear and did not slip or slide once it was on. With other ear cuffs that I've tried, I always had trouble with my ears either being too big or too small, but this ear cuff hooked perfectly. I found this ear cuff looks best with side-swept doo or an up-do. I tried to keep it casual for this look but I think ear would look marvelous with a top knot, red lips and a simple black shift dress, to truly let the golden glory glow. I was impressed about how light the piece was when I initially put it on. But 2 hours in, my ear did ache. I'm looking forward to dressing this piece up for a night-out look, but it fun experimenting with a day-look for this dramatic ear jewelry.

Now onto the giveaway! All that is required to enter this giveaway is to "like" our new Remotely Fashion Facebook page. Use the form below so that you are counted for the giveaway. If you already are a fan of us on Facebook, just verify using the form below and you will be entered.

You will receive the 'Golden Fan Ear Cuff' that Siobhan is wearing above, and perhaps the spirit of the Mother of Dragons will also enter your body. You can also up your chances for winning by tweeting about our giveaway, following us on twitter or leaving a comment on this post. This giveaway is open internationally and is open from 24th October until All Hallows Eve (Mwah Ha Ha). The winner will be announced up here after they have been selected by a rickety old tombola. Best of luck, RF readers! 
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October 22, 2013

Get Your Coat Love, You've Pulled

1. Checked coat - NW3 by Hobbs 2.Vintage cocoon coat - ASOS 3. Ovoid coat - Topshop  
4. Intersection coat - Antipodium 5. Francesca coat - Monki

One of the best things about the winds increasing and the temperatures dipping is that it signals the start of winter coat time. For years the coat was an after thought, worn exclusively for practical reasons, but not anymore - this year the coat will take centre stage in your winter wardrobe, so make sure you get one that you love.

Here are our favourite cosy cover-ups, because remember, Winter Is Coming...

October 20, 2013

Lady Mary Crawley

Ever cheerful, it is a rare silver lining that we miss, so while most of the world (did we mention that we're fond of hyperbole) is mourning the loss of Matthew Crawley, we are just happy that Lady Mary's grief has her back to her very best - cold, distant and perfectly poised.

And so, with Downton Abbey careering into the roaring 20s, we would like to present the following selection of Lady Mary inspired stuff.
Lady Mary Crawley
Clockwise - Fringed bag: Coast, Lip and cheek tint: Benefit , Diamond ring: Annina Vogel,
Patent shoes: Zara, Headband: ASOS, Lace kimono: Topshop

October 18, 2013

We Heart Nette' Leather Goods


We first encountered Nette' Leather Goods when the East Wing Collective popped up in Shoreditch's BOXPARK and it was love at first sight - exquisitely made from buttery soft leather, designer maker Johnette Taylor's bags and wallets are stylish, carefully considered and appeal to our love of all things traditional. We can't help think that Johnette's bags would make some wonderful holiday gifts for that stylish chap or lady in your life -- her timeless designs lend themselves any person's style aesthetic.

Nette' Leather Goods is currently in the running for the Stylist Makers Collection competition and we're hoping that if our dear readers enjoy her designs as much as we do, you'd take a second and vote for the talented (and bloody lovely to boot!) designer, Johnette Taylor.

Vote here for Nette' to win oodles of money so she can continue to build her awesome brand! Her voting box (at the time of writing this) is 15 boxes down and 2 over. Her voting box may change as the contest continues, so look out for the image on the right to find her brand and vote for her.

October 17, 2013

The Shoreditch Fashion Show Returns

Vince Kidd offered some soothing sounds and hypnotized the crowd with his lovely voice. We only wish that his set was a bit longer.
Aphra Shemza's glowing art installation was one of the show-stoppping pieces at the Oval Space.
The Man, The Myth, the Legend - Dom and Ink!
Left: Afrow (pictured right) and her friend looked awesome in their twin-ning jumpsuits - you can find Afrow's super cool blog here.
Right: Illustrator Amanda was as sweet as her outfit - have a looksie at her cute as a button blog here.
Left: Matching fringes and crop tops - we were big fans of these fabulous friends. 
Right: This stylish trio actually all share the same DNA! The girls are fashion blogging twins and have a stylish cousin to boot! 
Left: We fell hard for the headband and fishtail braid combo sported by this adorable event-goer.
Right: Even the staff at TSFS impressed us. Blonde curls and a beanie gets us every time! 
Left: Fashion blogging beauties made us stop in our tracks with an adorable Wednesday Adams-esque collar and a bright yellow coat.
Right: We saw this beautiful headchain on these luscious locks. Khaleesi?
Left: We loved fashion designer Eric's lego frame specs, which made their way here, all the way from a street vendor on St Mark's Place in oh so fabulous New York! Check out Eric's blog here.
Right: This fashion designer's neoprene top is one of her own creations - we were positively envious of it, and her beautiful topknot.
Fashion blogger, Cecily, was as friendly as her pretty pastel palette but we love how she edged things up with her nose ring and leather biker. And those earrings were absolutely regal!
Left: Öffbeat's Anoushka and her friend were killing it! Oh shiiit! 
Right: A delightful Neapolitan of Men's style.
Left: This beautiful couple were coordinated without being too matchy matchy - outstanding.
Right: All dressed in black - Sylvanna's sheer stripey top from Cos, paired with a coat by A.C.F and vintage accessories meant that she stood out in the crowd. 
Siobhan wears...
Black Sweatshirt - Zara
Floral Midi Skirt - Topshop
Black Patent Sandal Platforms - Topshop
Frilly Socks - Topshop
Orange and Pearl Earrings - River Island

Miriam wears...
Tartan Skirt - Zara
Crop Top - Bershka
Gold Wedges - Office
Love Hate Necklace - Tatty Devine

Leaves turning to rust usually signifies the fading light  of summer as the nights begin to draw in, but not last weekend, which marked the return of Öffbeat's Shoreditch Fashion Show -  The event, held at The Oval Space, was absolutely filled to the rafters with well dressed ladies and gents, welcoming the turn of the season and the autumn fashion that accompanies it. It was a fun filled melting pot of fashion, music and art, with a very friendly atmosphere - who said that fashion had to be bitchy? 

For us, the most exciting part of the evening had to be when we FINALLY got to meet the quiff sporting, super cool dude Dom and Ink, whose doodle wall provided event goers with endless entertainment. Disproving the old adage that one should never meet their heroes, Dom is as lovely as his illos are magical! As cool and composed as ever (try as we might to be Stephanie Zinone, we're unfortunately a lot more like those weird cheerleading twins in Grease 2) we screamed like banshees when saw him and garnered many a disapproving glance from the room. We hope that this undignified display won't prevent us from being invited back, because as we left the event on a fashiony high we had but one question on our conjoined minds - when is the next one?

Footnote: After leaving the safe confines of The Oval Space, we were once again roaming free on the streets of Shoreditch and there we encountered something truly alarming - to the girl who had the attitude of Regina George, but was sadly lacking any of her panache, we would like to offer the following words - summer sandals plus a heavy winter coat does not an autumn outfit make. Just because the season lies in between summer and winter it does not mean that it is merely an amalgamation of the two.  

October 14, 2013

Desirables: Granny Grunge

Plaid Skirt - ASOS | Patent Ankle Booties - Cheap Monday | Short Arc Earrings - Moorea Seal
Amethyst Cuff & Ring - & Other Stories | Vegan Leather Overalls - Wasteland | Layered Slip Dress - Zara

Some of the biggest keywords for Fall and Winter 2013 trends are 'granny chic' and '90s grunge' and never the two shall meet it seems. We say nay! While doing a bit of online window shopping, I realized that both looks can definitely be combined. Am I advocating socks and sandals, the basically banished footwear combination? Yes! But if orthopedic chic isn't your thing then some modestly heeled booties would also suit this style. Adding sheers, some shorter hemlines and interesting jewelry will add some youthfulness to this look. Let the cool breezes roll in with lots of leather and cozy fabrics!

And in some shameless promotion news, Remotely Fashion now has its own Facebook page! If you love RF, then please show your support by liking our facebook page and you'll get all the latest RF news right on your newsfeed. Looking forward to interacting with you all over there!

October 9, 2013

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Last week, on the mean streets of Soho, the Red Stripe fueled opening night of Bromance, Jack Pearce’s first ever solo show, was well under way.
Housed in Atomica Gallery until October 25th, Jack’s inky illustrations depict friends just having a good old fashioned, lovely time together. Whether they’re skateboarding, or licking each other’s faces, the characters' wonderfully bendy limbs flail around in the most joyous way - we double dog dare you to look at Jack’s work and not smile.

Shirt: Muji 
Trousers: A charity shop find 
Socks: Muji 
Trainers: Somewhere in the U S of A 
Beard: Entirely Jack's own work 
(And in case you're wondering, he smells of "clean man")

You can read more about Bromance in Jack's interview with Huck Magazine.

October 7, 2013

The Power Lip

Excuse my tilted engagement ring. More resizing necessary. It's getting chillier -- time to whip out the glitter nail polish!

My lovely Kris Jane silk scarf really added a lovely pop of color to mostly monochrome outfit. 

This magnificent church is in Ely, a very cute town in Cambridgeshire. 

Outfit details:
Striped crop top - Topshop (similar here)
Faux Leather Skirt - Forever 21 (similar here)
'Divine Emerald' Silk Scarf - c/o Kris Jane International
Black Sneakers - H&M
Leather Bomber - Forever 21
Maroon Hat - On loan from Miriam
Black Leather Satchel - PS 1 Bag
Double Crystal Ring - Urban Outfitters

Looking back on pictures from a weekend out, I noticed there was something off about my outfit. (Please tell me I'm not the only who conducts post-outfit analysis on Instagram?) I think I had all the right elements but something was amiss.... and then I had my a-ha! moment. It was my basically bare lips! As much as a pair of shoes or the right accessory can take an outfit from zero to hero, lip products are right up there too. This Fall I'm very excited to experiment with deep purple and berry shades -- something on The Craft level of lip color. Gosh, now I'm definitely going to have to watch that film tonight.

But anyway! The berry concoction I'm wearing above is Sephora Retractable Waterproof Lipliner in 'plum' with Revlon Lip Butter in 'Pink Truffle' on top. I'm learning that the lip liner might actually be more important than the lipstick itself. I want to say that I recommend this lipliner but it's actually quite crumbly and disappointing because it was quite pricey. It's only redemption is the lip brush attachment.

What lip colors will you be wearing this Fall? Let us know in the comments below!

October 4, 2013

Summer Loving

Miriam's Outfit:
Jersey Dress - Topshop (similar here)
Silver Stilettos - Topshop
Dinosaur Ring - H&M
Frilly Socks - Topshop
Felt Clutch - State Department Store in Mongolia
Gold Berber "Miriam" Necklace - Jewellery Shop in Tizi Ouzou, Algeria
Gold Nails - "Kaleidoscope" by Chanel

Siobhan's Outfit
Fuzzy Sweater - Topshop
Midi Rings - River Island (similar here)
Navy Crystal Ring - Rockglam Style
Blue Nails -"Mind The Gap, Victoria" by Rimmel
Bacchus Inspired Lips - "Hang-Up" by MAC

Both a little unsure as to what exactly happened to the summer - it seems to have passed us by in a haze of elderflowers, rivers and quite a few changes - we find ourselves on the verge of autumn, welcoming the new season and bidding farewell to the old.  
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