October 18, 2013

We Heart Nette' Leather Goods


We first encountered Nette' Leather Goods when the East Wing Collective popped up in Shoreditch's BOXPARK and it was love at first sight - exquisitely made from buttery soft leather, designer maker Johnette Taylor's bags and wallets are stylish, carefully considered and appeal to our love of all things traditional. We can't help think that Johnette's bags would make some wonderful holiday gifts for that stylish chap or lady in your life -- her timeless designs lend themselves any person's style aesthetic.

Nette' Leather Goods is currently in the running for the Stylist Makers Collection competition and we're hoping that if our dear readers enjoy her designs as much as we do, you'd take a second and vote for the talented (and bloody lovely to boot!) designer, Johnette Taylor.

Vote here for Nette' to win oodles of money so she can continue to build her awesome brand! Her voting box (at the time of writing this) is 15 boxes down and 2 over. Her voting box may change as the contest continues, so look out for the image on the right to find her brand and vote for her.


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