June 30, 2014

How We Wear | Ripped Jeans: Casual

Taking our cue from another set of twins, we have recently been channeling the Bros boys and getting our knees out. Rarely seen in jeans sans rips, they are the latest addition to our Unlikely Style Icon Collection - trademark pending - and When Will I Be Famous? is the soundtrack to this post at least. 

June 27, 2014

Behind the Scenes: Bright Young Things

The Bright Young Things in action!

Last month, the RF girls were invited by the Clothes Show Live team to get behind the scenes access to their 'Bright Young Things' photo shoot which featured the emerging talents of winners of the CSL Creative Awards. Unfortunately, Miriam was busy working for the man, so I went on my own to my very first fashion photo shoot. I was a bit nervous but the welcoming CSL team and talents working on set, made me very excited to participate in the behind-the-scenes action and was kind of enough to talk to me about their inspirations for the shoot. Warning: a feast for the eyes ahead! 


June 25, 2014

Get Ready With Us: Company Style Blogger Awards 2014

There are few things that we RF girls enjoy more than getting ready together; playlist pounding, desperately trying to sit still while nails are drying - praise the unicorns for fast drying top coats - and face masks setting, it's often the most relaxing part of a night out. No queuing, no drama and most importantly, each other on hand to help decide on the correct lipstick shade for the evening. Last week we found ourselves at the Company Style Blogger Awards 2014 and this is how we spruced for it:

Playlist creating and Earl Grey drinking. If you want to listen to the jams we were bumpin' then check out our Spotify playlist below and be sure to follow us if you like mix of pop, 90s, indie, gangsta rap and a dash of K-Pop! 

Music perfected, we went to town with some Creamy Coconut face masks that deeply moisturized our tired skin. The night before we used a Tea Tree Mask to prevent any pre-event spots.

From left to right, top to bottom:
45 Second Drying Top Coat 
Nails Inc Polish in Princes Street
Marc Jacobs Roll-on Perfume (similar here)
The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask
 Creamy Coconut Face Mask (similar here)
Cucumbers to reduce any eye puffiness and Red Stripes to wash down the amazing Jamaican lunch we had as pre-event fuel. 

Siobhan's outfit:
Nikola Halter Neck Dress - c/o Missguided
Triangle Arm Band - Regal Rose
White Flatform Sandals - c/o Missguided
Silver Clutch - & Other Stories
Bali Friendship Bracelet - c/o Monica Vaider

Miriam's outfit:
Lumpia Black Jumpsuit - c/o Missguided
Patterned Clutch - & Other Stories
Gold Hoops - Birthday present (think they're from a cute shop in Brixton market)
Bali Friendship Bracelet - c/o Monica Vaider

The finished product!

June 23, 2014

We're On Each Other's Team Part. II

With a sporting prowess that begins and ends at, "can cartwheel" and an old school report stating "Miriam doesn't like to break a sweat", the emphasis of the Sports-Luxe trend was always going to be on the Luxe.
However, in the spirit of sports(wo)manship, we would like to offer a top tip for surviving a P.E class; if you are forced into some sort of hideous bat & ball game, field far right, as it should ensure that you do as little as possible.


June 21, 2014

Company Style Blogger Awards 2014

This week found us RF girls schlepping across London, running to our own alternative time schedule as per, to make our way to the Company Style Blogger Awards 2014. Company Magazine, in association with Missguided, pretty much curated the perfect girls night in, with henna tattooing, braiding, cocktails and hot dogs, the only thing missing were the PJs.  The Oval Space in East London was transformed into a safe haven for fashion nerds, as it became the sort of place where selfies were not only not sneered at, but practically mandatory. We perved on some awesome outfits and chewed the fat with fellow bloggers, with the  the 90's R&B spinning away in the background, making us very happy RF bunnies.


June 12, 2014

Triple Threat

A couple weeks ago, baby sister and HBiC, Hannah, visited LDN and finally, finally, finally the three of us were reunited. We hadn't been all together since our days in Hiroshima, nearly 4 years ago. And yet, we somehow all coordinated our outfits without any sort of pre-communication. We are possibly all slightly psychic or maybe there are some shared Halfrican genes that make us dress like triplets. We do have a couple theories about a past Algerian x Ghanaian connection, that we will wax lyrical on if you ever care to ask. 
Hannah's Outfit
Grid Print T-Shirt - Monki
Girlfriend Jeans - Topshop
Gold Watch - Zadig and Voltaire 
Pony-hair Sandals - Solillas
Sunnies - Ray Bans
Grey Nail Varnish - Jack Wills

Miriam's Outfit
Fresh Prince Vest Top - Two Angle
White Leather Skirt - Zara
Silver Trainers - Vans
Grey Nail Varnish - Jack Wills
Rose Gold Clutch - Whistles
Frilly Socks - Topshop

Siobhan's Outfit
Striped Vest Top - Monki
'Hilma' Heather Grey Skirt - Monki
Black Platform Sandals - H&M
Gold Watch - Vintage Movado

June 10, 2014

English Summer

English Summer

"A sweatshirt in the summer", you may balk? But yes, this is England and it usually pays to be prepared, to be greeted by a nip in the air. Plus, it actually proved impossible to resist this ASHISH x Topshop number. White and silver are keeping it from looking as though I'm confused about which season we're in. 

Sweatshirt: ASHISH x Topshop, Denim Cut-offs: Topshop, Vans:Office, Holographic Clutch: Monki,  Head Ring: Fraser Hamilton, Ankle Socks:  ASOS

June 6, 2014

Disney Princess Style

Obsessed with the entire Disney Princess contingent since childhood* and with the requisite scars - unrealistic expectations? absolutely! -  happening upon this Hannah Beth Fincham jacket, well it was love at first sight.  And it also got me thinking, is it possible to channel the style of one's favourite cartoon character, without partaking in cosplay? 

June 4, 2014

Doctor RF

A couple weeks ago, us RF gals were out shopping in London with some of our favorite stylish ladies -- The Heathers, Katie and Lizzie, and live-action Esmeralda, Lia. We made a casual stop in Monki that pretty much turned into a shopping spree, but there are just too many nice things in their lately to resist! One item in particular was the long duster blazer that is perfect for the mercurial English summer. Whenever I wear it, I absolutely feel like a doctor or lab technician and that's never a bad thing for a science geek such as myself. 

June 1, 2014

Six Whiting Street: Spring Summer Show 2014

A couple of weeks ago, the Anou and I were invited to the Six Whiting Street's men's fashion show for Spring/Summer in Bury St Edmunds. It was exciting to attend our first local fashion show and discover the charming men's fashion boutique that was right under our noses! As readers of Remotely Fashion already know, we are big fans of men's fashion and Miriam and I have regularly imagined what our male selves would dress like if some sort of She's the Man/Twelfth Night situation happened to us.


The show featured a variety of summery looks ranging from suits to swimwear curated by owner Giles Henderson, owner of Six Whiting Street. The looks were timeless but infused with some of the biggest trends of the season, including sports luxe and florals. And you already know we love some manly florals!

Feeling inspired, we were excited to see the clothing in person and got the chance to do so as the event continued at the Six Whiting Street brick and mortar. When entering the 16th century building, we felt transported to a menswear paradise that had welcoming and quintessentially English atmsophere.

Every bit of the store is beautifully decorated with elements that demonstrate the appreciation of the menswear tailoring. 
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