June 1, 2014

Six Whiting Street: Spring Summer Show 2014

A couple of weeks ago, the Anou and I were invited to the Six Whiting Street's men's fashion show for Spring/Summer in Bury St Edmunds. It was exciting to attend our first local fashion show and discover the charming men's fashion boutique that was right under our noses! As readers of Remotely Fashion already know, we are big fans of men's fashion and Miriam and I have regularly imagined what our male selves would dress like if some sort of She's the Man/Twelfth Night situation happened to us.


The show featured a variety of summery looks ranging from suits to swimwear curated by owner Giles Henderson, owner of Six Whiting Street. The looks were timeless but infused with some of the biggest trends of the season, including sports luxe and florals. And you already know we love some manly florals!

Feeling inspired, we were excited to see the clothing in person and got the chance to do so as the event continued at the Six Whiting Street brick and mortar. When entering the 16th century building, we felt transported to a menswear paradise that had welcoming and quintessentially English atmsophere.

Every bit of the store is beautifully decorated with elements that demonstrate the appreciation of the menswear tailoring. 

Anou was pretty much a kid in a candy store, as they have many of his favorite brands including Scotch & Soda, Paul Smith, and Nudie Jeans. Basically had to drag him out! 
Aren't these the most amazing cufflinks ever?! I had no idea that scarab beetles were even an option. 
The cupcake spread. Almost too pretty to eat. Almost.
Each room of the store has its own theme and our favorite was the denim room. 
Japan nostalgia kicking in! We were very excited to see Edwin denim on display.
Me and the man behind it all, Giles Henderson. Thanks for inviting us and we will certainly be back to visit your amazing store! 


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