January 28, 2015

Flared or Scared? Pt. 1

It feels like a century ago, somewhere around 2003, but I vividly remember during a conversation of fashion analysis with my other fashion bestie, Nick, that I vehemently denounced the rise of the skinny jean and vowed to hold true to flared jeans 4ever. Fast forward approximately 10 years in the future and I am now slightly frightened of the resurgence of the flared pant and clinging tightly to my skinnies and peg leg trousers. But maybe Miriam and I will have to institute a new fashion resolution for 2015, so that we RF girls will give flares a chance. Fortunately, there are many variations on the trend and the flowing wide-leg trousers actually seem very enticing -- it's just the curvy flared bootcut jeans that have been giving me nightmares. But maybe we can channel chibi-Siobhan and chibi-Miriam circa the early 2000's and remember why we loved them so! Let's peruse some fashion inspiration and see what this trend can do. 

Derek Lam SS15
Now we know everyone has been pushing the 70s trend down our gullets for SS15, but Derek Lam's take on the voluminous trouser is a good mix of minimalism and the 70s spirit that we can take with a without a spoonful of sugar.

Saint Laurent SS15
We can definitely handle flared trousers when it's the form of playful power suiting. However, we are still utterly reeling from the realities of cyclical nature of fashion. If "we used to wear that when I was teenager" is a fashion badge of honor then we have totally earned it. Right down to the damn tightly tied scarf!

Olivia Palermo, the unofficial flares ambassador, gently brings us closer to the dark side. When it comes to flared jeans, it will be darker washes that will be at the fore front. 

Okay, maybe we can handle the looseness at our ankles and the air gliding around our calves as long as we remember that style icon, Jane Birkin, rocked the hell out of flared trousers. Yes, let Birkin be your spirit guide as we foray into SS15 -- we will make through everyone just put your skinnies in a box to the left for now. 

In our part two, we will be showing some potential ways to wear the flare! Stay tuned. 

January 23, 2015

Style Icon: TLC

Waterfalls of happiness descended when we heard that TLC, who ain't too proud to beg, had received more than sufficient funding, via Kickstarter, to record one final album. The thought of the 90s without TLC is frankly inconceivable and so it seems only right that their album should be launched while the shops are brimming with as much nostalgia as fashion. Although sometimes erring on the unpretty side, the return of the 90s has proved to be unstoppable and so we have put together our own crazy, sexy, cool wishlists. (Snaps if you can identify all the song titles in there)

Siobhan's TLC-Inspired Wishlist
TLC-Inspired Wish List
Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Omega Jeans - Cheap Monday
Silk Cropped Blouse - Topshop
Black Sports Underwear - Calvin Klein
Caged Ball Earrings - ASOS
Lipstick - MAC
Silver Sliders - Dolce Vita

Miriam's TLC-Inspired Wishlist

Clockwise from Left : 
Crop Top - Monki
Faux Leather Shorts  -  Zara
White Sports Socks - Nike
Fringed Duffle Bag - Nasir Mazhar
Tiny Hoop Earrings - & Other Stories
Elastic Strap Sandals - Topshop


January 16, 2015

London Collections Men

For the uninitiated - London Collections does receive relatively scant coverage - LCM is fast becoming London Fashion Week's cooler little brother. You know, the kind of brother  your friend would have, who you would be dying to speak to whenever you went round to her house, but he would be decidedly indifferent. And as all ladies know, in terms of attractive qualities that a gent can possess, indifference is second only to the perfectly cuffed trouser. So we've been keeping an eye on boy's fashion week and it's been positively full of the kind of clothes that would make a gal consider gender reassignment.  Here are some of our favourite looks, from some of our favourite shows:

Alexander McQueen 

Sombre, sharp and beautiful tailoring  - perfect.

Nasir Mazhar

This makes us think of TLC at the height if their awesomeness!

Katie Eary

Never have innards looked so appealing.

Just when you think SIBLING couldn't get any better, they go and do this - DREAMY.

Images courtesy of Style.com

January 14, 2015

Hump Day

Culottes were a major part of summer here at RFHQ, we simply couldn't get enough. They are the hermaphrodites of the fashion world -- while they create a very feminine silhouette, they're really just glorified Bermuda shorts and as such, perfect for scampering around in, without worrying about flashing your pants. But then winter came, sort of f*cked everything up and we found ourselves in a sartorial slump, until we looked to the desert where we found another unlikely style icon to add to our burgeoning set. When camel coloured, culottes take on a real Autumn in the 70s kind of vibe, making you feel as though you're heading to lunch with Farrah Fawcett. The the fluffy texture of the jumper adds interest to what is otherwise a very plain outfit, while also looking not dissimilar to camel fur and so keeping the whole Saharan thing going. Now to only get eyelashes as batworthy [definitely a word].

 Culottes - Topshop (similar here)
Jumper - Topshop
Boots - Cheap Monday
Clutch - & Other Stories (similar here)
Glitter Socks - Topshop, forever ago (similar here)

Snaps snapped by Safiya Yekwai

January 8, 2015

That's Not Me - Fashion Remix

New year, new spirit animals. While there will always be space in our conjoined hearts for BIGBANG, we have fallen and fallen hard for Skepta and his brother Jme. Our ardour is quite a lot as a result of That's Not Me, which we implore you to listen to! Only thing is, when we do so (on repeat) we can't help but hear ever so slightly different lyrics -- 
Hold your nose, close your eyes and dive headfirst into the imaginary world where Siobhan and Miriam are Grime artists (@_@)

What do you mean, what do you mean?
Yeah, Siobs
One line flows, yeah I got some of those
You get me Miri? Easy!

Nah, that's not me
Act like a basic bitch, that's not me
Monogrammed bags, nah that's not me
Bodycon dresses, nah that's not me
Yeah, I used to wear Lipsy
Put it all in the bin cos that's not me
True, I used to look like you
But dressing like a mess, nah that's not me

Return of the Mac
It's still on trend, just like TuPac
Shoes in the shoe rack, shoes in the back
Wear socks and sandals, everybody's like brap
Flashback to bootcut jeans at the Gap
Now I'm in the front row looking at the dress rack
Dainty gold chains and the dinos are back
Unfollow me? Nah, you don't wanna do that
Anytime you see me wearing makeup like MAC
Girl better know I ain't injecting up like Kylie
Put on this eyeliner till the tip is empty
I know you get what I'm saying, get me?
Love for the brogues, always on trend
But we don't love no heels in the ends
Last time, I fell in love with a Loubie
But trust me, I will never do that again

Nah, that's not me
Act like a basic bitch, that's not me
Monogrammed bags, nah that's not me
Bodycon dresses, nah that's not me
Yeah, I used to wear Juicy
Put it all in the bin cos that's not me
True, I used to look like you
But dressing like a mess, nah that's not me

See us, sparkling on the approach
Prick, wanna try and put Miri in Coach
But no, basic, don't wanna be one of those
Text with emoji, you will get one of those
One of a poop face, followed by a rose
I don't really care 'bout your belfie pose
Take your boy, no nookie, no blows
Two minutes in my bedroom and I'm wearing his clothes
Girls too much contour, girls too much fuss
Looking at me, Halfricans only need blush
Girls in awkward pants, girls not wuss 
Only tough ladies can sit around us, that’s us
I don’t want to see Tori Burch logos
Girl talk shit, I just smile and flush
I’m looking for a boy - super, stylish rapper
Who doesn’t dick about like Bieber does 

From day one I said I was serious
Then "serious" hit the blogspot,
People ask what kinda fash blog I make
Unicorn in mom jeans coz, that's what
I don't wear no big deep V's
I only show my skin in a crop top
You'll never see me drinking from a white cup
Cos Starbucks coffee nah that's not me
Nah, that's not me
Nah, that's not
When I'm on street any day
Got randos asking, "Where'dya buy that?" non-stop
See me and Siobs in an Insta, with Valencia on top
There'll never be a day when I don't write blog posts
cos silent, nah that's not me


January 6, 2015

Sneak Peek

While it is indisputable that when together we are horribly girly - we giggle, squeal and spend a disproportionate amount of time discussing unicorns and K Pop stars - we are convinced that our male counterparts would be hyper masculine and total Sneakerheads. As discussed before, we are sartorial equal opportunists - see our clutch bag related waffling - which means that we find it positively infuriating that we are unable to unleash our inner trainer monsters. Of course WE know that trainers aren't just for boys, there's nothing we enjoy more than a manly shoe on our dainty feet, but most brands seem to be under the impression that girls must want pink or purple splashed across their kicks. Wrong. Even the most preposterously girly amongst us don't necessarily want trainers to look as though they were vomited out of the front door of Barbie's Dream House. This is especially the case when it comes to limited edition trainers, the very best ones are almost always available only in clonking great man sizes. So, we are left with 3 options:

1) Bow to sexism and wear ugly trainers. Never

2) Shop on Small Feet Big Kicks, the brainchild of a much more entrepreneurial girl than us, who sick of not being able to find good kicks in lady sizes, invented SFBK - a, quite frankly, awesome site that is dedicated to bringing terrific trainers to teeny feet.

3) Make our own.
New Balance is one of our favourites; as an American brand, which has a factory in Miriam's home county, they were always going to occupy a portion of our conjoined hearts. Then they went and got even better, by offering a custom service. It is now possible to design your own trainers; picking as a base either the 574, the 993 or the 990, everything about the shoe, from the sole to the laces, can be customised.

Dove grey and buttercup yellow - seems as though we inadvertently invented country mouse trainers
Once you have your proportionately dinky hands on some trainers that hopefully Kanye would approve of, the main concern is keeping the suede pristine, especially if you're a clumsy pair of spillers like us. There are quite strict grubbiness guidelines that must be adhered to when it comes to trainers, yes Converse look good when they're a bit messed up but suede should never look as though you might have stepped in something a little bit suspect. And so, with the all too real prospect of having ketchup stained kicks, we looked for a saviour and stumbled across Crep Protect. There is all manner of science behind the product that we are not going to even begin to trouble our already clustered brains with. Just watch the video below, we can only assume it works due to a healthy dash of unicorn magic.


January 5, 2015

Marsala - Pantone Color of the Year 2015

Another year, another pantone color to swoon over and for 2015, will be collectively hunting 'Marsala'. The muted wine color is universally flattering and us RF girls can handle this ruddy shade (you know about our trepidations toward Scarlet, but we are trying to open our minds) because it is practically a neutral. We recommend pairing marsala-colored garments with camel and navy and do not allow the beautiful wine-inspired shade to remain in your closet until Autumn. Happy New Year!


January 2, 2015

Women, Fashion, Power

2014 was the year that women became truly vocal and feminism became less of a dirty word, no longer being misappropriated to mean "man hating", which made the Design Museum's WOMEN, FASHION, POWER exhibition feel incredibly relevant. 
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