January 14, 2015

Hump Day

Culottes were a major part of summer here at RFHQ, we simply couldn't get enough. They are the hermaphrodites of the fashion world -- while they create a very feminine silhouette, they're really just glorified Bermuda shorts and as such, perfect for scampering around in, without worrying about flashing your pants. But then winter came, sort of f*cked everything up and we found ourselves in a sartorial slump, until we looked to the desert where we found another unlikely style icon to add to our burgeoning set. When camel coloured, culottes take on a real Autumn in the 70s kind of vibe, making you feel as though you're heading to lunch with Farrah Fawcett. The the fluffy texture of the jumper adds interest to what is otherwise a very plain outfit, while also looking not dissimilar to camel fur and so keeping the whole Saharan thing going. Now to only get eyelashes as batworthy [definitely a word].

 Culottes - Topshop (similar here)
Jumper - Topshop
Boots - Cheap Monday
Clutch - & Other Stories (similar here)
Glitter Socks - Topshop, forever ago (similar here)

Snaps snapped by Safiya Yekwai


  1. LOVE the bag and shoes. Also, all monochrome camel is boss. But you know I hate culottes on principle.

  2. Love them shoes, girl! And the culottes! I thrifted some high-waisted pants the other day for 30 cents a pair, and I'm planning on turning a pair or two into culottes.

    1. Ooh amazing! We want to see how they turn out please!

  3. Definitely adding batworthy to my vocabulary! Love the outfit, love the words, love youuuu <3

  4. The feeling is very much mutual <3

  5. Love the shoes~ And I also love the outfit.
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