May 30, 2014

Miracle Romance: Sailor Moon Makeup Review

Nineties nostalgia is totally in full-swing all over the internets (I'm looking at you, Buzzfeed), but the only fandom that gets my inner otaku quaking with excitement is Sailor Moon! I can't believe that just last year was the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon and what is even more unbelievable is that A.) It is now streaming for free on Hulu with Japanese subtitles and all the original episodes (please dear Kamisama, make sure that Haruka and Michiru are lesbians and not cousins) B.) There will be an all new rebooted series of Sailor Moon coming out this year! In Japan at the moment, there is a lot of new Sailor Moon merchandise coming out much to my chagrin, as I basically missed it all by one year. 

Fortunately for me, my friend Kelly who runs a blog about her life in Japan, The Maruhi Club, also shares a deep affinity for the Sailor Senshi and sent me some adorable Sailor Moon branded makeup items! The first is a lovely black liquid eyeliner with a paintbrush-like tip (Miriam and my favorite type of liquid eyeliner). It doesn't come out dark, inky black initially, allowing you to build up how dark you want the line to be. The super precise brush is great for creating a subtle cat eye. I would recommend waiting for each layer to dry slightly (about 10 seconds), before drawing the next line. 

The other is a shimmery white eyeliner that is amazingly waterproof! I like using it at the inner tearduct or in my waterline to make my eyes look super big! O_O It applies smoothly and doesn't irritate my eyes at all unlike some other kohl liners. If you think wearing white eyeliner is a little cray, don't be threatened but be aware of what you wear it with -- I find wearing white or pastel clothing with this type of makeup suits it best. Both the white pencil liner and the liquid liner are remarkably smudge proof, which I imagine would be important to a sweaty Sailor Senshi in battle.

So are there any secret Moonie fans out there? Let me know if you will be watching Sailor Moon Crystal too! 

May 28, 2014

Dancing Shoes

Cinderella might have been able to prance the night away in a pair of glass slippers, but then, she had Prince Charming on hand for a spot of light twirling. In our experience, boys outside of fairy tales are not quite so chivalrous and should you attempt to take a cue from Cinders, you would probably find yourself snotty faced, crying into a glass of room temperature chardonnay, your shoe slowly filling up with blood, while the object of your affection makes eyes at another girl across the bar.

Not only that, but it's also worth remembering that the greatest lesson that Cinderella ever taught us, that sometimes one may need to make an early exit. Nobody wants to be the last person on  the dancefloor  (unless you're at a wedding that is, then it's entirely appropriate) and dancing shoes should never be too high, just in case the need to flee should arise. In fact, if you do plan to take to the dancefloor, we think something clumpy is called for, be it for dancing comfortably, fleeing swiftly or stomping on toes effectively.
From centre:
White Sandals - Monki
Pewter Mules - ASOS
Mint Gladiators - ASOS
Black Faux Snakeskin - Robert Clergerie at Net-a-Porter
Silver Flatforms - Topshop 

May 26, 2014

Supaa Kawaii: Phoebe X Illustrated People

There are a couple of ways to garner the interest of an RF gal's wandering eye, one is anything in pastel, another is anything with a bit of sparkle (we both have acute-stage Magpie disease) and lastly is anything with elements of Japanese kawaii culture. You'd think our interest may have attenuated after living in Japan for a couple of years, but no, it has only made us crave it harder as we walk among those not used to Hello Kitties and Rilakkumas adorning everything from underwear to alcohol. 
So when we saw the Phoebe x Illustrated People collaboration, we were instantly intrigued! Pastel, matching two piece sets, and healthy doses of sports wear elements make it so very visually stimulating. The collection is available NOW at Topshop and online. #dinosaursarecool

Miriam's pick:

Siobhan's pick:

May 19, 2014

Summertime Happiness

It's summah summah summah time in England finally... maybe? And while I do love my essential ankle boots, it's been great giving all my different summery shoes a spin. My newest addition are a lovely pair of leather-look espadrilles from Topshop. They are much more comfy then authentic espadrilles, in my opinion, because the soles are more rubberized and bouncy. Would recommend! And in addition to letting my shoes out to play, I've also been letting my curls take a walk in the sunshine. I've been embracing them more often lately and well, I'm in a horrible growing-out stage for my bangs/fringe and they blend in way better with my hair au natural. 

May 13, 2014

HYPE: Not just for boys

With their stompy shoes, prints galore, token boy in tow and not to mention the way that they're marauding around Hong Kong, we think that the girls from HYPE's SS14 campaign just might be our spirit animals from across the sea. And what with the rain lashing at the windows this week, never before have we wanted to flee London more, so, Alisa Ueno and Suki Wong, if MTV are still showing Switched, how do you feel about swapsies?

VOTE FOR US (Please)

Squeals of excitement all round at RF HQ, as we were shortlisted in the Best Blogging Duo category of the Company Style Blogger awards...VOTE FOR US or else.


May 8, 2014

Michael Kors Having a Bit of a Chat Live!

Crop tops, clutch bags and floral - oh my!

Michael Kors - who is responsible for the loveliness above - will be live in conversation with The Business of Fashion's Imran Amed from 2pm today. The chit-chat will be live streamed just below:


May 7, 2014

Beauty School Dropout: Hair Chalk Review

Having a deep-seated fear of commitment means that hair dye has never really been an option. Until now. Hair chalk, with its wash out formula, has revolutionised home hair colouring, meaning that it is now possible to have the briefest of flirtations with a more exciting hair colour, but leave while it still feels fresh and exciting. 

May 5, 2014

We're On Each Other's Team

Although my sporting prowess isn't impressive (except for my backstroke!), I have grown an impressive obsession with Sports Luxe lately. Maybe it's due to my exposure to the 90s basketball coolness of Nasir Mazhar or tennis court chic of Pringle of Scotland from London Fashion Week, but I'm quite enjoying this sartorial falsehood! 

May 1, 2014

The LFW 2014 OOTDs

It's time for another LFW 2014 TBT, and this edition ~finally~ features what we wore on some of the most magical days of our lives. Us RF girls tend to thematically match our outfits unknowingly and we had an alternating tomboy/tomgirl theme this time around! 
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