May 28, 2014

Dancing Shoes

Cinderella might have been able to prance the night away in a pair of glass slippers, but then, she had Prince Charming on hand for a spot of light twirling. In our experience, boys outside of fairy tales are not quite so chivalrous and should you attempt to take a cue from Cinders, you would probably find yourself snotty faced, crying into a glass of room temperature chardonnay, your shoe slowly filling up with blood, while the object of your affection makes eyes at another girl across the bar.

Not only that, but it's also worth remembering that the greatest lesson that Cinderella ever taught us, that sometimes one may need to make an early exit. Nobody wants to be the last person on  the dancefloor  (unless you're at a wedding that is, then it's entirely appropriate) and dancing shoes should never be too high, just in case the need to flee should arise. In fact, if you do plan to take to the dancefloor, we think something clumpy is called for, be it for dancing comfortably, fleeing swiftly or stomping on toes effectively.
From centre:
White Sandals - Monki
Pewter Mules - ASOS
Mint Gladiators - ASOS
Black Faux Snakeskin - Robert Clergerie at Net-a-Porter
Silver Flatforms - Topshop 

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