May 26, 2014

Supaa Kawaii: Phoebe X Illustrated People

There are a couple of ways to garner the interest of an RF gal's wandering eye, one is anything in pastel, another is anything with a bit of sparkle (we both have acute-stage Magpie disease) and lastly is anything with elements of Japanese kawaii culture. You'd think our interest may have attenuated after living in Japan for a couple of years, but no, it has only made us crave it harder as we walk among those not used to Hello Kitties and Rilakkumas adorning everything from underwear to alcohol. 
So when we saw the Phoebe x Illustrated People collaboration, we were instantly intrigued! Pastel, matching two piece sets, and healthy doses of sports wear elements make it so very visually stimulating. The collection is available NOW at Topshop and online. #dinosaursarecool

Miriam's pick:

Siobhan's pick:

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