September 25, 2012

Blue Velvet

Just when I thought that my girl crush was under control...not so! In the words of The Cure, "Why Can't I Be You?"
Lana Del Rey, you're amazing/simply elegant!


September 23, 2012

She who wears the crown Pt.1

I am currently in the process of wedding planning (yay!) and I am pleased to say that I found "the dress." Finding it made me so happy, and so did the prospects of picking out accessories! Shoes, garters, veils, hair accessories -- I am so excited. I have been a big fan of the floral crown trend for awhile but I haven't found many chances to rock it in my everyday life. Thank goodness for wedding days and Renaissance festivals. This floral crown Abby Lee is wearing seems so perfectly bridal and trendy at the same time with the pastel hues. The search continues for my perfect one. 

Mythical Fringe

Yet again in the midst of a hair crisis, this time it’s as a result of happening upon a hornless unicorn whilst walking in the country – very jealous of its fantastic blunt fringe (having said that, some sort of hair adornment might have been nice) #unicorn #fringe #betterwithbling

September 13, 2012

How to be a Heartbreaker

One my newest style icons is Marina and the Diamonds (Yes, that is singular -- "we" are the diamonds). I think it's the edginess of her hyper-feminine style that draws me in. Why can't it be socially acceptable for 18th century style beauty marks to worn again? Take a listen to one of Marina's most informational tracks, "How to be a Heartbreaker."

September 11, 2012


Tuesday evening was spent pimping an old, and much neglected, pair of Chuck Taylors - here they are!

September 10, 2012

In Transition

jacket: h&m / dress: seoul / roscoe boots: jeffrey campbell

Oh, black tights. The only thing I can rely upon when seasons change.

A Different Medium


September 8, 2012

Brighton Rocks

Remotely fashion went on a day trip to Brighton and took the opportunity to wear this new, really rather heavy, H&M necklace (£25) Because children, bling isn’t just for Christmas.

Vogue's Fashion Night Out

On Thursday, Remotely Fashion could be found at Vogue's Fashion Night Out in London; it was the perfect excuse to debut my Leroy's Place Biggie and Tupac studs (from and the whole evening was a fantastic flurry of fun, friends, free cocktails and of course, FASHION.  R.F even met Daniel Lismore, named by U.S Vogue as "London's most outrageous dresser", and by R.F as bloody lovely!
Hope you enjoy the Instagram pictures from the night.

 Beautiful Pearl Collar Necklace
 Golden Macaroons at Tiffany& Co.

The very lovely Daniel Lismore

Gimme Skulls

Looking at this picture makes me miss Seoul-shopping so much! I loved the racks-on-racks of distressed high-waisted jean shorts in every color imaginable, and the quirky graphics of skulls, unicorns, matches, screws, pencils that were featured on things from t-shirts to earrings. I'm hoping that I'll be able to visit Seoul again in November this year and partake in the fall/winter fashion because it is so practical and chic (it gets verrrry cold).
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