August 17, 2015

What Would Birkin Do?

With the 70s trend in full force for this summer and undoubtedly bleeding over into our fall wardrobes, I've decided to ground myself with the phrase "What would Birkin do?" No, I'm not twerking for that overpriced bag -- 60s and 70s fashion icon, Jane Birkin has been my style muse as of late. When I'm lacking in inspiration in the mornings, I do a quick search for Jane B. on Pinterest and all is well. A lover of mini-dresses and understated accessories, adopting the Fashion Tao of Birkin is perfect the hot-hot-heat that has engulfed the Bay Area. 

August 3, 2015

The One Piece Dime Piece

It's summer! That may sound like a delayed reaction to most of you, but the characteristically-belated Bay Area summer has finally come. And while I am a lover of sun, sand and water, I must admit this impending summer left me feeling cold when thinking about going to the beach.

The reason? Right at the end of June this year, I had abdominal laparoscopic surgery and my belly has a handful scars and healing new navel. Accordingly, My surgeon told me that I am forbidden from exposing my tummy to the sun for a full year. A summer without a bikini?! I have to admit I felt depressed about the situation even though I am very grateful for a successful surgery.

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