August 3, 2015

The One Piece Dime Piece

It's summer! That may sound like a delayed reaction to most of you, but the characteristically-belated Bay Area summer has finally come. And while I am a lover of sun, sand and water, I must admit this impending summer left me feeling cold when thinking about going to the beach.

The reason? Right at the end of June this year, I had abdominal laparoscopic surgery and my belly has a handful scars and healing new navel. Accordingly, My surgeon told me that I am forbidden from exposing my tummy to the sun for a full year. A summer without a bikini?! I have to admit I felt depressed about the situation even though I am very grateful for a successful surgery.

Well, my surgeon condoned some retail therapy for some new swimsuits, so following doctor's orders, I browsed my through favorite online shops and begrudgingly filtered out all the two-pieces. I thought perhaps a high-waisted bikini would cover me up but I couldn't find one that was both high enough and not reminiscent of female Urkel. And of course, being a petite pear-shape, it has forever been pounded in my head that bikinis are the most flattering swimwear for my body type, so I kept on drooling over the cute pieces out of my grasp.

However, I was pleasantly surprised that the one-piece is having a fierce come back! No longer merely a version of Olympic swimwear, there were super cool cuts, patterns and textures. The above are my ultimate favorites from my several hours of online searching. We are also in a season of resurgence for the body suit, and many one-pieces look great with some high-waisted bottoms (culottes, skirts, denim shorts, etc.).

Beach Sexy Braided One-Piece - Victoria's Secret
Daisy One-Piece - Free People

A couple of tips when searching for one-pieces as a petite lady (5'4'' and under):
  1. It is very difficult to find fashion-forward one-pieces in store. You will probably be limited to online stores, as I was, so make sure you check out the return policy before buying anything. ASOS has one of the best return policies, so that's a good place to start.
  2. If you're smaller on top, I've found that super deep V-cuts and super high neck necklines accentuate the girls in a flattering way. It also instantly de-frumps the one-piece shape.
  3. If you have a shorter torso, you may find many one-pieces have extra material at the waist. Darker colored pieces will help camouflage any extra fabric.
  4. If you want to elongate your legs, check out Baywatch Babe high-cut leg one-pieces! Also looks great if you have some booty!
  5. Beware of bandeau necklines for smaller busts. Get a little belly bloat, and you will quickly find yourself looking like a sunbathing toddler, as the bandeau tends to flatten the bust.
  6. Don't give a crap about tan lines. Strappy details and crochet fabrics are everywhere right now for swimwear and they look freaking cool, so don't let a whacky tan line assuage you. Let's call it a "sun tattoo" and wear it like a badge of honor.
  7. If you have a larger bust, swimsuits with molded cups look exceptionally wonderful! 
Hopefully this post gives a little help to ladies like me foraying into uncharted one-piece water. The timing may be a little late in the summer, but that means loads of swimwear is now on sale! Go forth and soak up the sun. Below are some more of my favorite picks!


  1. That one piece of amazing, with black one!

  2. that one piece looking incredible, so hot!!

  3. Great post, I love the photos and the clothes are great, especially the first bikini

  4. Must get the wife one for her birthday!

  5. All the models in your photos are amazing

  6. Great fashion ideas for Summer, I love this blog so much!

  7. The white lace one-piece is so classy! Keep up the great work!


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