July 31, 2013

RF Style Barometer

Welcome to our new fortnightly feature; here we will celebrate those things that have made us as happy as unicorns galloping through a field of bluebells and shame those that have made us throw-up in our mouths. Items on the up and up on the left and items on the right... well, shield your eyes. 

July 29, 2013

Cat Eyes

Leather Jacket - H&M
Roscoe Boots - Jeffrey Campbell
Sunglasses (similar here) - Urban Outfitters 

Do you have an obsession with dressing your gadgets? I certainly do. Maybe it's remnants of my maternal days as a Tamagotchi owner (R.I.P. Turquoise & Yellow Gen 1 Tama, Tamagotchi Angel, Nano Pet Puppy, and even Giga Pet Little Mermaid) that I feel I must treat my tech with respect and decoration. And I openly admit I am drawn to anthropomorphized electronics -- sometimes I wander down the toy aisle in those mega stores and wonder what my life would be like if I only had a Furby. A downy-haired, chirpy-voiced, glassy-eyed Furby of my dreams. And then I shake my head and move it along.

However, when I found this black cat phone case for my Samsung S3, I pounced like a feral kitten. Love my Samsung, but cool cases are not readily available in real life marketplaces. And so like a new proud parent, I matched my outfit with my new case. But it's not just in the outside that counts -- I am quite particular about my home & lock screens. I recently found this lovely website, Poolga, that has beautiful and artistic options for your phone backgrounds. Now I must know how you baby your tech, readers! 

Into Distance by Ricky Meehan, Your Delirium by Joanna Gnaidy, Crystal Horse by Laura Rymer

July 25, 2013

Dreamy Reality

Dreamy reality
Clockwise: Gold Clutch - New Look, Orbit Sunglasses - Karen Walker, 
Sand clutch - See by ChloĆ©, Round Sunglasses - ASOS.

Sometimes what you dream of can be a little out of reach and when it comes to affairs of the heart we would never (could never) condone settling for a substitute, but with accessories, maybe it's okay (we also think that in lieu of a unicorn, it is perfectly acceptable to tie a cardboard horn to the head of a white horse, but that's another matter entirely). 

July 24, 2013

At Great Lengths

a-line midi skirt
Above: Mid-length Circle Skirt by American Apparel

Picture this: It's the year 2009 and bodycon mini-skirts are all the rage. Tonight is a girls' night out and you're running late. You slip (and slide) into your textured mini and it sucks you in all the right places. You're ready, girl. Go conquer the world. As you scurry to catch the train, you notice your limited movement has given you the instep of a baby duck. And now, oh god, your skirt has actually decided it prefers not to cover your ass. In fact, it's in outright rebellion against it. I think my stance for every weekend in 2009 was one hand tugging down on skirts like these to keep the booty at bay. 

Ah, but it is a new day and age and an exciting silhouette is creeping into the fashion stratosphere recently: the a-line midi skirt! The skirt that so vehemently disgusted me as a college student -- mainly because I favored them quite a bit in my high school days (I am what I hate.) And here the fashion cycle turns again as my bodycon weary eyes turn to it again. 

a-line midi skirt

What I find so appealing about styling this length is that it exudes femininity with little effort. You can get away with structured bustier top on top when you're covered past your knees. And isn't the idea of a slouchy sweater in a candy-colored shade hanging off your shoulder while you wear this skirt style so sweet? Or maybe a totally work-appropriate Grace Kelly look with a beautiful button-up? Barely-there sandal heels and brogues are my shoe ideals when paired the a-line midi. Are we going to back to 50's? Well, you know here at RF we already have (and again) so it's full steam ahead!

July 20, 2013

The Queen of Style

Queen of Hearts

Clockwise from the bottom: Yellow handbag - Launer,
Unicorn pendent - At Work Gallery, Lace crown - Regal Rose
Etro purple paisley scarf - Liberty, Lion pendent - At Work Gallery, Check kilt - Topshop

"Was that?!" "No way?!" "Really, I think it was" "You're right it was!" "OH MY GOD!" Thus went our conversation following a rare sighting of The Queen, which is pretty much the same thing as seeing the last unicorn. And so, while the rest of the world might be getting all hot and bothered about the prospect of a brand new member of the Royal Family, we will remain as faithful as ever to the Queen of Style. Blessed with unrelenting grace, quiet dignity and killer bling, Queen Elizabeth II is a truly inspiring figure in what is frequently a vomit-inducingly vulgar world. We can't promise that wearing the above will give you the Queen's grace but it isn't a bad place to start.

July 17, 2013

East Wing Collective Closing Party

All good things must come to an end and so it was with the East Wing Collective's popup shop. We might not be happy about the end, but we can sure as heck celebrate the glory of what was, and that we did with the designers and fans of the East Wing Collective at Box Park Shoreditch. The hot summer night was the perfect atmosphere for cool white wine, crazy conversations, and some 90's jams.
On Miriam: paisley playsuit by Topshop, cream brogues by Faith, eagle statement necklace by Topshop, basket bag by H&M
On Siobhan: shell blouse by Zara, easy jeans by American Apparel, white sandals by Clarks, digital watch by Timex, crystal statement necklace by Topshop

After we shut the place DOWN, we had to take one final look at all of the wonderful items that the EWC pop-up shop featured. We shall keep our ears to the ground for news of where they are going to  pop up next!

From top left to bottom right: fanciful neckpieces by aelska, inspiring home accessories by Lotta Cole, funky chairs by Yinka Ilori, beautiful pillows by Fanny Shorter, adorable rope satchels by Cut Out Girls, buttery leather handbags by 'Nette Leather Goods

Top and bottom left: Mr Jones Watches and Siobhan inspecting the finer details through the looking glass
Right: Colorful printed scarves by Charlotte Linton

Here are the lovely founders of the East Wing Collective: Emma Hamshare, Fanny Shorter, and Johnette Taylor. Thanks for hosting such a fantastic evening!

July 10, 2013

Zebras in London

On Miriam: Tshirt - South Korea, Striped Jeans - Forever 21, Sunglasses - South Korea, Bag -Vintage, Sandals - Office
On Siobhan: Blouse -Topshop, Jeans - American Apparel, Bag - Pressie from Italy, Pumps - Topshop

A trip to The Land of The Free, Home of The Brave found the RF Ken Doll legally bound to Remotely Fashion, FOREVER. Now back in this Green and Pleasant Land, we wondered, what better way to cement the relationship and celebrate Siobhan and Anou's wedding bling than a customary prance around East London?

Anou dazzled passersby as he flashed his "pussy pocket" and our monochrome display proved that the psychic connection remains as strong as ever. In the words of our patron saints, "Wow. Fantastic Baby".

       On Miriam: Crystal collar necklace - Ebay  
On Siobhan: Chevron rings - River Island, Leaf foil ring - Seoul

On Anou: T-shirt - Topman, Jean Vest - South Korea, Trousers - Topman, Shoes - Nike

We have a Ken Doll, now we want this Barbie car.

July 8, 2013

Ink My Heart

Usually the arrival of the postman only serves to remind us that reality is desperate to thwart our eternal optimism. However the other week was different and with the post was a much needed sign that unicorns really do walk among us, as we received this wonderful parcel of illustrations from the lovely Dom & Ink! As though put together by magical elves, it was full of all our favourite things - dinosaurs, mermaids, top knots and birds!

We could not help but notice the uncanny resemblance to G. Dragon & Taeyang from the K-pop band, Big Bang, that the fine fellas in the print below bear. How did Dom & Ink know they are the secret patron saints of this blog? We have no idea, but our mouths simultaneously dropped in amazement at the sight!
We fell hard for Dom & Ink's divine doodling when we saw his Top Knot print at The Shoreditch Fashion Show; so now when we aren't colouring in, we'll be keeping an eye out for Map My Heart, Dom & Ink's forthcoming book, which we were thrilled to learn will contain UNICORNS! It has been added to the first draft of our Christmas letter to the world's favourite sugar daddy, St. Nicholas, along with this outrageously awesome Grease 2 inspired phone case.
We always wondered what the male version of us would be like and we think that now we know - Dom & Ink draws what is in our brains and in our hearts! 

July 2, 2013

Miss Independent

1. Ryan Sandals - Free People 2. Buhala Jumpsuit - Shop Wasteland 3. Prowl Shades - Nasty Gal 4. Denim Penny Dress - Shop Wasteland 5. Dream Reversible Tote - Free People 6. Braided Low Wedge - Swedish Hasbeens

We may be based in the U.K., but we R.F. girls have a love affair with America. This past May, we were both in the land of the free and took full advantage of the American way; bags of spicy crawfish, backyard parties, plates of Hooters buffalo wings, road trips, bowling alleys and strolls in the sun. This fourth of July we will be showing our love of 'Merica by wearing some good ol' fashion red, white & blue. We hope our American readers have a fabulous Independence day full of BBQ, fireworks and summer heat.
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