July 8, 2013

Ink My Heart

Usually the arrival of the postman only serves to remind us that reality is desperate to thwart our eternal optimism. However the other week was different and with the post was a much needed sign that unicorns really do walk among us, as we received this wonderful parcel of illustrations from the lovely Dom & Ink! As though put together by magical elves, it was full of all our favourite things - dinosaurs, mermaids, top knots and birds!

We could not help but notice the uncanny resemblance to G. Dragon & Taeyang from the K-pop band, Big Bang, that the fine fellas in the print below bear. How did Dom & Ink know they are the secret patron saints of this blog? We have no idea, but our mouths simultaneously dropped in amazement at the sight!
We fell hard for Dom & Ink's divine doodling when we saw his Top Knot print at The Shoreditch Fashion Show; so now when we aren't colouring in, we'll be keeping an eye out for Map My Heart, Dom & Ink's forthcoming book, which we were thrilled to learn will contain UNICORNS! It has been added to the first draft of our Christmas letter to the world's favourite sugar daddy, St. Nicholas, along with this outrageously awesome Grease 2 inspired phone case.
We always wondered what the male version of us would be like and we think that now we know - Dom & Ink draws what is in our brains and in our hearts! 

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