July 20, 2013

The Queen of Style

Queen of Hearts

Clockwise from the bottom: Yellow handbag - Launer,
Unicorn pendent - At Work Gallery, Lace crown - Regal Rose
Etro purple paisley scarf - Liberty, Lion pendent - At Work Gallery, Check kilt - Topshop

"Was that?!" "No way?!" "Really, I think it was" "You're right it was!" "OH MY GOD!" Thus went our conversation following a rare sighting of The Queen, which is pretty much the same thing as seeing the last unicorn. And so, while the rest of the world might be getting all hot and bothered about the prospect of a brand new member of the Royal Family, we will remain as faithful as ever to the Queen of Style. Blessed with unrelenting grace, quiet dignity and killer bling, Queen Elizabeth II is a truly inspiring figure in what is frequently a vomit-inducingly vulgar world. We can't promise that wearing the above will give you the Queen's grace but it isn't a bad place to start.

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