July 24, 2013

At Great Lengths

a-line midi skirt
Above: Mid-length Circle Skirt by American Apparel

Picture this: It's the year 2009 and bodycon mini-skirts are all the rage. Tonight is a girls' night out and you're running late. You slip (and slide) into your textured mini and it sucks you in all the right places. You're ready, girl. Go conquer the world. As you scurry to catch the train, you notice your limited movement has given you the instep of a baby duck. And now, oh god, your skirt has actually decided it prefers not to cover your ass. In fact, it's in outright rebellion against it. I think my stance for every weekend in 2009 was one hand tugging down on skirts like these to keep the booty at bay. 

Ah, but it is a new day and age and an exciting silhouette is creeping into the fashion stratosphere recently: the a-line midi skirt! The skirt that so vehemently disgusted me as a college student -- mainly because I favored them quite a bit in my high school days (I am what I hate.) And here the fashion cycle turns again as my bodycon weary eyes turn to it again. 

a-line midi skirt

What I find so appealing about styling this length is that it exudes femininity with little effort. You can get away with structured bustier top on top when you're covered past your knees. And isn't the idea of a slouchy sweater in a candy-colored shade hanging off your shoulder while you wear this skirt style so sweet? Or maybe a totally work-appropriate Grace Kelly look with a beautiful button-up? Barely-there sandal heels and brogues are my shoe ideals when paired the a-line midi. Are we going to back to 50's? Well, you know here at RF we already have (and again) so it's full steam ahead!


  1. I so love the first and third skirt!!! I was never a mini skirt fan, and never wore one. The shortest skirt i have is right above ankle (it's a pencil skirt too). I love to feel comfortable in what I wear and long skirts that twirl are so in! And I totally agree with your pairing choices :)


  2. Great article, love your sharing so much, thank you!


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