May 30, 2014

Miracle Romance: Sailor Moon Makeup Review

Nineties nostalgia is totally in full-swing all over the internets (I'm looking at you, Buzzfeed), but the only fandom that gets my inner otaku quaking with excitement is Sailor Moon! I can't believe that just last year was the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon and what is even more unbelievable is that A.) It is now streaming for free on Hulu with Japanese subtitles and all the original episodes (please dear Kamisama, make sure that Haruka and Michiru are lesbians and not cousins) B.) There will be an all new rebooted series of Sailor Moon coming out this year! In Japan at the moment, there is a lot of new Sailor Moon merchandise coming out much to my chagrin, as I basically missed it all by one year. 

Fortunately for me, my friend Kelly who runs a blog about her life in Japan, The Maruhi Club, also shares a deep affinity for the Sailor Senshi and sent me some adorable Sailor Moon branded makeup items! The first is a lovely black liquid eyeliner with a paintbrush-like tip (Miriam and my favorite type of liquid eyeliner). It doesn't come out dark, inky black initially, allowing you to build up how dark you want the line to be. The super precise brush is great for creating a subtle cat eye. I would recommend waiting for each layer to dry slightly (about 10 seconds), before drawing the next line. 

The other is a shimmery white eyeliner that is amazingly waterproof! I like using it at the inner tearduct or in my waterline to make my eyes look super big! O_O It applies smoothly and doesn't irritate my eyes at all unlike some other kohl liners. If you think wearing white eyeliner is a little cray, don't be threatened but be aware of what you wear it with -- I find wearing white or pastel clothing with this type of makeup suits it best. Both the white pencil liner and the liquid liner are remarkably smudge proof, which I imagine would be important to a sweaty Sailor Senshi in battle.

So are there any secret Moonie fans out there? Let me know if you will be watching Sailor Moon Crystal too! 

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