May 7, 2014

Beauty School Dropout: Hair Chalk Review

Having a deep-seated fear of commitment means that hair dye has never really been an option. Until now. Hair chalk, with its wash out formula, has revolutionised home hair colouring, meaning that it is now possible to have the briefest of flirtations with a more exciting hair colour, but leave while it still feels fresh and exciting. 
I tried out Bumble and bumble's Spraychalk in blush and was surprised by how easily it turned even this raven nest into candyfloss; simply spritzes in and then feels like your hair has been overloaded with dry shampoo. Getting a little carried away, I used the entire can, so longer locks would need more than one to get allover coverage. I was expecting it to be quite messy, but the only casualty was my hand, which looked as though I had slapped Cyril Sneer, and leaving not the slightest trace of regret, it rinses away with only one wash. All in all, it's a pretty perfect product for someone with a short attention span.


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