June 5, 2015

Woman of Steel

Photography by Erika Pham

Can dressing in your favorite colors give you super powers? Well, I certainly think so. My fashion modus operandi is grey and whenever I don a steely-hued item I feel an instant confidence boost. I adore all shades from silver to charcoal (as seen here!) and it is a great relief to know that grey is my neutral. Some ladies are visions in black, white, camel, cream or navy but as Skepta/Jme would say: "That's not me.

I began to wonder what my preference for grey meant psychologically and rather predictably, it denotes a preference for caution and compromise with workaholic tendencies. At first, I thought, "No way!" but truthfully that is part of my personality. Then again, I do find myself inexplicably drawn toward holographic/iridescent shades of mermaid green, so I can only hope there is a diplomatic, raver mermaid madly swimming around in my psyche.  

High Neck Top - Urban Outfitters (now on sale!)
High-Waisted Joni Jeans - Topshop
Leather Brogues - Urban Outfitters
Metal Geometric Earrings - COS (similar here and here)
Backpack - Fjallraven Kanken
Rings - H&M (similar here)


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