June 3, 2015

Wåven Pop-Up

Until popping along to their pop-up, I was certain that London based Wåven (pronounced woh -vun) was a Scandi brand. This was partly based on the unfussy, sleek denim but largely the accent above the A. And I'm sure that this accented A is as considered as every other aspect of the design. Perhaps it's due to the two generations of denim masters, which creative director and founder, Anika Islam, comes from, but Wåven feels much more established than you would expect from a brand, just two seasons old. Clean, minimal and with an emphasis on good quality denim, surprisingly nothing in either the men's or women's collection is over £70.
Available at ASOS and Urban Outfitters, these denim delights are currently housed in 3 D'Arblay Street, Soho, where there is also to be found a customisation workshop, which will run until 10th June. With patches of denim, stripes and plaid between £4 -10 you can be as crazy or tame as taste will allow. 
got mildly over-excited (standard) and went a little patchwork crazy on a pair of Mom jeans.


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