January 16, 2015

London Collections Men

For the uninitiated - London Collections does receive relatively scant coverage - LCM is fast becoming London Fashion Week's cooler little brother. You know, the kind of brother  your friend would have, who you would be dying to speak to whenever you went round to her house, but he would be decidedly indifferent. And as all ladies know, in terms of attractive qualities that a gent can possess, indifference is second only to the perfectly cuffed trouser. So we've been keeping an eye on boy's fashion week and it's been positively full of the kind of clothes that would make a gal consider gender reassignment.  Here are some of our favourite looks, from some of our favourite shows:

Alexander McQueen 

Sombre, sharp and beautiful tailoring  - perfect.

Nasir Mazhar

This makes us think of TLC at the height if their awesomeness!

Katie Eary

Never have innards looked so appealing.

Just when you think SIBLING couldn't get any better, they go and do this - DREAMY.

Images courtesy of Style.com

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