June 12, 2014

Triple Threat

A couple weeks ago, baby sister and HBiC, Hannah, visited LDN and finally, finally, finally the three of us were reunited. We hadn't been all together since our days in Hiroshima, nearly 4 years ago. And yet, we somehow all coordinated our outfits without any sort of pre-communication. We are possibly all slightly psychic or maybe there are some shared Halfrican genes that make us dress like triplets. We do have a couple theories about a past Algerian x Ghanaian connection, that we will wax lyrical on if you ever care to ask. 
Hannah's Outfit
Grid Print T-Shirt - Monki
Girlfriend Jeans - Topshop
Gold Watch - Zadig and Voltaire 
Pony-hair Sandals - Solillas
Sunnies - Ray Bans
Grey Nail Varnish - Jack Wills

Miriam's Outfit
Fresh Prince Vest Top - Two Angle
White Leather Skirt - Zara
Silver Trainers - Vans
Grey Nail Varnish - Jack Wills
Rose Gold Clutch - Whistles
Frilly Socks - Topshop

Siobhan's Outfit
Striped Vest Top - Monki
'Hilma' Heather Grey Skirt - Monki
Black Platform Sandals - H&M
Gold Watch - Vintage Movado


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