June 6, 2014

Disney Princess Style

Obsessed with the entire Disney Princess contingent since childhood* and with the requisite scars - unrealistic expectations? absolutely! -  happening upon this Hannah Beth Fincham jacket, well it was love at first sight.  And it also got me thinking, is it possible to channel the style of one's favourite cartoon character, without partaking in cosplay? 

Disney's outcast princess- she weirds out the locals by daring to enjoy reading- Belle is the ultimate Man Repeller. To channel her scholarly spirit, upgrade Belle's flouncy blue frock for some dungarees, keep the  simple white blouse but ditch that hideous apron. 

Book clutch - Olympia de Tan, Blouse - Zara, Dungarees - A.P.C, Sandals - Clarks, Bow hair tie - ASOS

Princess Jasmine

The cat lady of the princesses is far and away the coolest one, not only does she keep a tiger as a pet but she also has a healthy appreciation for gold. It is possible to inject some Jasmine into your wardrobe without breaking out the harem pants; throw on a co-ord set - trousers or shorts are better for running away from lecherous old wizards -  slick on some eyeliner and most importantly. remember that nobody tells you what to do.

Co-ord set - Topshop, Rope headband - ASOS, Sliders - Birkenstock

Not exactly the sparkiest of the princesses – she spends the majority of the film having a nice nap – Sleeping Beauty is, however, responsible for one of the greatest Disney moments of all time. You know the one, she’s dancing with Prince Charming and the good fairies are changing the colour of her dress as she twirls. No disrespect to Merryweather, but we think that the pink is better. However, all of that pink can be a tricky look to pull off - one false move and you can look like a Barbara Cartland tribute act - make it less prissy with a pair of stompy shoes and who knows, good fortune and loomwork permitting, you might even find the secret to a perfect sleep.
Dress - Sister Jane, Lipstick - Nars, Socks - Topshop, Platforms - ASOS

* I once watched The Little Mermaid nine times in a row (Sorry Mum), although this might have been because, unfailingly optimistic, I was hoping for a different ending each time. Who on earth would give up being a mermaid?! Madness, absolute madness.


  1. LOVE how you put these outfits together!

  2. Wow this jacket is insane, I have a very disney obsessed friend so will have to show her this! ha! Was lovely to meet you both last night :-) now following you! xx


    1. Abbie! It was so great to meet you too! Your blog is lovely and we are following you too :)


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