October 17, 2013

The Shoreditch Fashion Show Returns

Vince Kidd offered some soothing sounds and hypnotized the crowd with his lovely voice. We only wish that his set was a bit longer.
Aphra Shemza's glowing art installation was one of the show-stoppping pieces at the Oval Space.
The Man, The Myth, the Legend - Dom and Ink!
Left: Afrow (pictured right) and her friend looked awesome in their twin-ning jumpsuits - you can find Afrow's super cool blog here.
Right: Illustrator Amanda was as sweet as her outfit - have a looksie at her cute as a button blog here.
Left: Matching fringes and crop tops - we were big fans of these fabulous friends. 
Right: This stylish trio actually all share the same DNA! The girls are fashion blogging twins and have a stylish cousin to boot! 
Left: We fell hard for the headband and fishtail braid combo sported by this adorable event-goer.
Right: Even the staff at TSFS impressed us. Blonde curls and a beanie gets us every time! 
Left: Fashion blogging beauties made us stop in our tracks with an adorable Wednesday Adams-esque collar and a bright yellow coat.
Right: We saw this beautiful headchain on these luscious locks. Khaleesi?
Left: We loved fashion designer Eric's lego frame specs, which made their way here, all the way from a street vendor on St Mark's Place in oh so fabulous New York! Check out Eric's blog here.
Right: This fashion designer's neoprene top is one of her own creations - we were positively envious of it, and her beautiful topknot.
Fashion blogger, Cecily, was as friendly as her pretty pastel palette but we love how she edged things up with her nose ring and leather biker. And those earrings were absolutely regal!
Left: Öffbeat's Anoushka and her friend were killing it! Oh shiiit! 
Right: A delightful Neapolitan of Men's style.
Left: This beautiful couple were coordinated without being too matchy matchy - outstanding.
Right: All dressed in black - Sylvanna's sheer stripey top from Cos, paired with a coat by A.C.F and vintage accessories meant that she stood out in the crowd. 
Siobhan wears...
Black Sweatshirt - Zara
Floral Midi Skirt - Topshop
Black Patent Sandal Platforms - Topshop
Frilly Socks - Topshop
Orange and Pearl Earrings - River Island

Miriam wears...
Tartan Skirt - Zara
Crop Top - Bershka
Gold Wedges - Office
Love Hate Necklace - Tatty Devine

Leaves turning to rust usually signifies the fading light  of summer as the nights begin to draw in, but not last weekend, which marked the return of Öffbeat's Shoreditch Fashion Show -  The event, held at The Oval Space, was absolutely filled to the rafters with well dressed ladies and gents, welcoming the turn of the season and the autumn fashion that accompanies it. It was a fun filled melting pot of fashion, music and art, with a very friendly atmosphere - who said that fashion had to be bitchy? 

For us, the most exciting part of the evening had to be when we FINALLY got to meet the quiff sporting, super cool dude Dom and Ink, whose doodle wall provided event goers with endless entertainment. Disproving the old adage that one should never meet their heroes, Dom is as lovely as his illos are magical! As cool and composed as ever (try as we might to be Stephanie Zinone, we're unfortunately a lot more like those weird cheerleading twins in Grease 2) we screamed like banshees when saw him and garnered many a disapproving glance from the room. We hope that this undignified display won't prevent us from being invited back, because as we left the event on a fashiony high we had but one question on our conjoined minds - when is the next one?

Footnote: After leaving the safe confines of The Oval Space, we were once again roaming free on the streets of Shoreditch and there we encountered something truly alarming - to the girl who had the attitude of Regina George, but was sadly lacking any of her panache, we would like to offer the following words - summer sandals plus a heavy winter coat does not an autumn outfit make. Just because the season lies in between summer and winter it does not mean that it is merely an amalgamation of the two.  

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