October 25, 2013

Print Psychology

Do you ever look through your wardrobe pieces from 2008-2011 and wonder how you managed to pull off that much grey and black without looking like a cloud of dreariness? Now, there is nothing wrong with excess amounts of black in one's wardrobe, but around 2012, bright colors and peppy prints were re-birthed by the fashion womb and held up the sun like little Simba. 

Speaking of the Lion King, have you ever wondered WHY leopard will just not go away? Or why we call some plaids 'ladylike' and others 'grunge'? Or maybe wondered why Mary Katranzou's intricate prints leave you hypnotized? Well, head on over to Zero Magazine and check out an article I (Siobhan) wrote about psychology and printed textiles! 

I can only prove the headiness of this piece by a recent conversation with my mother, who is DEATHLY afraid of snakes.

Siobhan: So that's why people like predator animal prints.
Siobhan's mom: I have 3 snake-skin print blouses!!! What am I doing?? 
Have you ever wondered why people are so obsessed with a certain fashion item? (Ummm, Jeffrey Campbell Litas?) Let us know in the comments below!

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