October 28, 2013

Girls Keep Singing

We don't think it's our conjoined imagination - it really does seem as though ladies are taking their rightful place in the charts; Solange Knowles, Haim, Lorde, Janelle Monae - here are well dressed women, relying on their singing rather than stripping ability. Is this the dawn of a new day? Is a lioness cub being ceremoniously held up to the sun? We're not sure, but we do so hope that we that the days of gyrating, dead behind the eyes girls is over (their presence only adds to the pornification of our culture and to be honest, we don't really think that the world needs any encouragement to further debase women) and we welcome the arrival of these stylish songstresses...

The girl who dethroned Miley Cyrus from the top of the Hot 100 is bringing a different sort of buzz and at just 16 already has a strong sense of style, favouring long skirts, trousers and eyeliner flicks that could launch a thousand ships. In an interview with Teen Vogue, Lorde said that when choosing clothes to wear on stage she has “to feel strong and feel like I can command attention”, a very refreshing change from the vulnerable look favoured by some – we like her, we like her a lot, but can’t help but wonder, how can someone so young be so wise?

Janelle Monae is bringing back the funk to 2013 and her newest album "The Electric Lady" will not disappoint R&B fans who love the funky stylings of other artists such as Prince or Erykah Badu (in fact, they are both featured on this album!). Janelle's style is monochromatic and tomboyish with clear inspirations from the 1960s and also the fantasy cyberpunk world of 'Metropolis' which is where her concept albums take place. We adore how she stomps around in all-white and a pair of suspenders /braces (gotta keep it real for you US or UK people) and combat boots during her shows.  

Who on earth could cope with the pressure of being Beyonce’s little sister? Solange, instead of trying to be a mini–Bey, came out with a totally different style, both musically and aesthetically. Clearly disregarding Tina Knowles’ style advice (it was the Knowles matriarch who was responsible for some of the worst offenses committed by Destiny’s Child on their 16 year fashion-crime spree) this summer she was the queen of clashing prints and has continued to wow with her super cool look which incorporates many a man repelling element.

We have already waxed lyrical about our love for the HAIM sisters (peep some HAIM-inspired clothing here!), but we can't over-gush how much about this stylish trio sets our hearts and ears a-flutter. The sisters definitely have their own distinct style, which makes them all the more the exciting. And if you ever need to tell them apart, Alana wears the awesome leather vests, Danielle wears the cute high-waisted jorts, and Este always rocks bright red lips. Their easy styles aren't glam, but it makes them much more relatable than some other pop sensations who practically take naked baths in diamonds.



  1. I'm so glad there are so many strong, talented women coming up in the industry!

    Shani x

  2. JANELLE, WHERE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE GIRL??? wow. i'm a big Badu fan and I can't believe I've never heard janelle until today?! LUHHHDAT.

  3. !!!! She's bringing Badu-realness to 2013. So glad you like!! XD Her whole new album is amazeballs.


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