October 29, 2013

Halloween Work Wear

We believe that you can never be too old for Halloween celebrations, but one of the things that sucks about being an adult is not being able to wear the McCall's-pattern-mom-made Belle dress out in the daylight on October 31st. 

You may have to wait til the weekend to fully unfurl your costume designs, but as Halloween falls on a Thursday this year, we encourage fellow Halloween lovers to inject some ghoulish glam into their everyday work wear.

1. Me & Zena Spider Web Necklace - If Arachnaphobia still gives you nightmares then this necklace might not be for you, but we think this Black Window jewelry is a beautiful touch of dark glamour and surely Elvira-approved!

2. Barry M Halloween Green Polish - Orange and Black are the go to Halloween shades but we feel Frankenstein and the Creature from the Black Lagoon deserve some color love. You can Monster Mash your keyboard with your monster green digits. 

3. Polly Sock Halloween - These Jack Skellington-esque socks would look absolutely rad with a pair of prim and proper pumps and a midi skirt. If you feel that bones on show on too much for your workplace you can always hide them securely in a pair of booties and just be warmed by your secret Halloween love. 

4. Burgundy Ladder Tights - These ladder and lace tights evoke the image of cobwebs and the beautiful wine color will lend itself to many Autumnal outfits. 

5. Full Midi Skirt in Patent - Give off a wicked witch vibe in this PVC skirt that hits so many F/W seasonal trends -- gothic & 90s (Yes, we remember that pleather jacket you rocked on the playground.)

6. Lazy Oaf Kitty Pass Case - Some people believe that black cats bring bad luck -- but according to superstition, it's only if they cross your path. Keeping a black cat is actually good luck! So bring yourself some much-needed luck on your morning commute with this Black kitty cat pass case.

7. MAC Lipstick in 'Hang Up' - Vampy lips are everywhere this season and we love it! It's a great excuse to channel your favorite character from The Craft.

8. Bella Feather Jacket - As soon as Halloween hits, the temperatures drop. You'll need some faux fluff to keep you warm, you might as well look like a glamorous evil queen. Don't forget your pointy heels, extra arched eyebrows and an apple in your lunch bag. 


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