October 31, 2013

Style Barometer: Halloween Edition


Happy Halloween, ghouls and gals! Halloween may be one of our favorite holidays as we really can't even say no to the opportunity to dress up in something outrageous, whether it be scary or fabulous! But as it is our favorite holiday, we have some developed some loves & loathes so we've ranked them up on our newest Style Barometer. 

We RFers have also started the tradition of Halloween nail art and Miriam's creation above will be hard to top this year. If you're looking for some Halloween nail art inspiration we recommend the following YouTube tutorials below that will surely bring out your Halloween drear~ 

Halloween Witch's Brew by ArcadiaNailArt
Spider Web Nail Art by StefiBeauty

As referenced above, Take Back Halloween, will definitely be our newest resource for tutorials on inventive costumes. How about you, dear readers? What will be your costume this year or how will you celebrate? Lets us know if you have any Halloween-themed loves or loathes in the comments below. (cue eery music, lightning and cackling witch sound effects here!)


  1. Thanks for taking a look at my costume too! :) Glad we did the characters justice!



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