November 1, 2013

Grenson x Liberty

This is the story of our genesis and the shoes that sparked an international friendship.

Back in the hallowed days of yore, we were ambling around Japan, all wide eyed and carefree, each with no idea that the other was alive in the world. That is until Tyche herself invited us to the same picnic and there, alongside the banks of the river Motoyasu, after being formally introduced, we looked each other up and down in what can only be described as mutual outfit appreciation and just like that, a friendship was born.

We mainly talked [shrieked] at great length about the patent brogues that were at the bottom of Siobhan's legs and where on earth she had managed to find them - England of course - because at that time the ladies of Hiroshima were sporting heels more akin to stilts, which do certainly have their place but aren't really the ideal choice of footwear for two clinically clumsy girls. 

And so, because we owe our friendship to a pair of brogues, we are stupendously excited about the arrival of the Grenson Lab in Liberty, London's most iconic department store. English heritage brand Grenson, have been making their archetypal brogues since the 1800s and now, until November 14th, you get to customise your own and bring the shoes of your dreams to life - pick the design and they will be handmade in the colours and with the sole of your choice! You can even have a note penned on the lining, we would opt for "Unicorns rule", or something equally cerebral.


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  1. Awe, what a great story!


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