October 9, 2013

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Last week, on the mean streets of Soho, the Red Stripe fueled opening night of Bromance, Jack Pearce’s first ever solo show, was well under way.
Housed in Atomica Gallery until October 25th, Jack’s inky illustrations depict friends just having a good old fashioned, lovely time together. Whether they’re skateboarding, or licking each other’s faces, the characters' wonderfully bendy limbs flail around in the most joyous way - we double dog dare you to look at Jack’s work and not smile.

Shirt: Muji 
Trousers: A charity shop find 
Socks: Muji 
Trainers: Somewhere in the U S of A 
Beard: Entirely Jack's own work 
(And in case you're wondering, he smells of "clean man")

You can read more about Bromance in Jack's interview with Huck Magazine.

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  1. Definitely makes me want to take a trip to Muji and to the Atomica Gallery. :)


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