December 21, 2013

Map My Heart

It's that time of year again and you're panic buying. But before you resort to selecting something from the gender specific sections of gift guides, ever so helpfully marked "For Him" and "For Her"*, take a look at Map My Heart**, the debut book from our all time favourite illustrator Dominic Evans A.K.A Dom & Ink. Now, we can wax lyrical about Dom's delectable drawings and on this very blog wrote that he draws what's in our hearts, but we were quite unaware that among his other qualities, he also has the power to cure heartache.

This book, chock-a-block full of beautiful illustrations and funny observations, will be well received by anyone who has ever had their heart tampered with. It's a gift for the giver too as its therapy, interactive style will stop your friend bleating on at you about whichever worthless individual has recently stomped on their heart. Because, whether a heart is wrapped in velvet and encrusted with diamonds or made entirely from ice, it can always be smashed -- luckily Dom, like a more successful version of all the King's horses, is here to put it back together again. 

Here's a peek at the pages of perfection: 

*Note to electrical manufacturers: Women are perfectly capable of using speakers, cameras etc that are not coloured bubblegum pink and whilst some of us may dream of living in Barbie's Dream House, this rule is not applicable to every individual with bumps under their jumper, so please be so kind as to stop it now. 

**Available from all good retailers: Amazon UK, Waterstones, Foyles and the brick and mortar Waterstones in Picadilly.

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