December 31, 2013

New Year's Fashion Resolutions

With absolutely no intention of giving up alcohol for January* or  resolving to "get in shape" we bring you our entirely fashion related resolutions for the brand spanking new year.

Siobhan's Resolutions

Clockwise: Dress by SUNO, Tops both from Topshop

1. Lady Murasaki: I will try to give purple more of a chance in my wardrobe next year. For some reason, my eye never wanders toward purple garments and the last purple item I have purchased was sometime back in 2007 (an adorable dress that unforgivably wrinkled, which may have caused some sort of association in my mind with the color). Now that Pantone has deemed Radiant Orchid the color of 2014, it is the perfect chance to let some of the royal color into my life. I also have an aversion towards yellow, but I am not fully prepared to cross that color bridge yet... maybe another year?

2. Pass the ClutchThey say that ladies are usually either "shoe girls" or "bag girls" and my fashion genetic code leans more towards "shoe." I tend to cling madly to an black medium-sized bag until it pretty much unravels. You all know I love my PS 1 Bag madlyyyy, but I've decided this year to diversify my portfolio and try to rotate my hand bags more frequently. I've decided to start off small and work my way up, so I think I will first focus on clutch bags. Miriam is the Queen of the Clutch, so I shall be asking her to give me guidance in the way of the no-strap-wonder. 

Miriam's Resolutions

1. Earring Aid: As a result of Dolce and Gabbana's breathtakingly beautiful SS14 collection, I intend to spend the majority of next year prancing around in large gold earrings, pretending to be Sicilian.

From Left: Isabel MarantDuneTopshop

2. Best Foot Forward:  I rarely wear real heels because, as my friends will attest, I am a raging bitch when my feet hurt, but 2014 could just be the year that I finally stop being a baby and dress my feet in a more ladylike manner. This is of course resolved under the assumption that resolutions, much like ankles, are made to be broken.

*During dark and dreary January, alcohol is more necessary than ever but if you are unwise enough to give it up, please do keep it to yourself, there really are few things as tedious as a reformed character. 


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