December 17, 2013

Sneaker Pimps

Photo by Mark Iantosca

My poor, poor feet. I have not worn a properly supportive shoe on a regular basis since middle school. They were powder blue with white laces and may still live in my parents' house to this day (they might have been FUBU). Of course, when exercising I rely on my Nike Free's, and although I do love Converses you all know they are flat as pancakes and don't really offer support. Aside from those two instances, sneakers have always seemed completely foreign to me. I just masochistically accepted that my ballet flats or loafers would literally pound the pavement. But since the undeniable 'Sports Luxe' trend arose, it only makes sense that sneakers are now free again to cushion the toes of any fashionista. Seeing these fierce ladies (and baby) pictured below, give me the strength to accept that maybe I can rock sneakers and no longer bear the pain of city streets!

Photo by Silas Lee

It appears that sneakers can go with any type of outfit, whether it is fancy or casual. All that is necessary is a leap of fashion faith and adeptly hidden socks (or are they even wearing socks??). Below are our sneaker fantasies!
2. LOSERS Readymade in Metallic Silver
4. Nike Roshe Run in Black
5. New Balance 574 Trainers in Burgundy


  1. Love these looks! Ha- and that little fashionista is adorable!

  2. It's Alexander Wang's niece!! Oh how I wish I had her wardrobe (but adult-sized of course). hehe

  3. Ah, makes sense. And yes, me too.

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