December 13, 2013

Clothes Show Live Fashion Blogger of the Year Award!

We're not sure whether we will have to hand the trophy over to next year's winner, in the manner of a Miss World competition, but the way we feel about it now, you would have to prise it out of our cold, dead hands!

Last Friday it felt as though St Nicholas had appeared a little sooner than he was expected to, as we were named the Clothes Show Live's Blogger of the Year!

We were particularly happy bunnies because the award was judged by a firm favourite of ours, the super lovely Sasha Wilkins of Liberty London Girl, who we are really looking forward to seeing at LFW --we will try to keep our squeals of excitement to a bare minimum but do recommend ear plugs, just to take the edge off.
The Clothes Show was an integral part of my childhood and is definitely, at least in part, responsible for me being a fashion nerd today. I would tune in to see Jeff Banks and Caryn Franklin, with her wonderful shock of silver, talking all things fashion and later, as a teenager, would pore over the Clothes Show Magazine (one edition was particularly well thumbed due to a work wear spread featuring a very fetching Karen Millen inverted pinstripe suit, this was when they made things other than brightly coloured body-con dresses, designed exclusively for attending the wedding of an ex who you're totally over and friends with, so you can stop judging me now) which makes this award all the more exciting! 
I had always wanted to attend the Clothes Show, although it seemed a million miles away from rural Cumbria and it did not disappoint. When I wasn't gazing wistfully at the photo-booths, wishing that my purikura partner was there with me, I had a splendid time; Sasha's interview was truly inspiring, the Fashion Theatre was a lot of fun and it was awesome to yammer away with some of the other lovely finalists, Ann from Edinburgh based Frock Trade and Eshe from YNKE about blogging, vintage and the power of gold lame. 

And so, we would just like to yell  a humongous THANK YOU to Sasha and to Clothes Show Live for making our 2013 as sparkly as a unicorn's mane! 

Even in the excitement of winning, my magpie eyes were drawn to Sasha's gorgeous clutch!

Sasha Wilkins of Liberty London Girl spoke about the importance feeling comfortable and confident in your clothes - as Gewn Stefani sang, "Style is Style, Fashion is Fashion - Girl, you got style"

Have a gander at the ensembles of the finalists!
Eshe of YNKE, whose blazer made my eyes dance!
Blazer: Pink Pigeon Vintage
Blouse: Topshop
Shoes: Step in Style
csl05 csl08
Ann from Frock Trade with her outstanding collar.
Scarf and DressKaren Mobon
Boots and Socks: New Look

csl11 csl10
Chantel is Eshe's lovely fashion loving bestie and writes for In The Grime
Cream Shirt: Forever 21
Leather Front Leggings: H&M
Cut Out Boots: H&M



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