January 7, 2013

Friday I'm In Love...Or Not.

When the thought of dressing to impress a man makes you throw up in your mouth, deciding what to wear on a first date can be tricky. We have gathered the following pieces of advice from a collection of anonymous cool girls:

  1. Stay away from anything too skin tight - you don't want your bangin' body to distract too much from your glowing personality.
  2. Wear your most ostentatious jewellery; hopefully this will alert him to the fact that you do not require "a ring on it". 
  3. Don't get too dressed up, dress as the best version of your everyday self. 
  4. Only arms or legs should be on show - don't let them see the goods too early. And keep your mid to lower back covered -- the bra mechanics are too difficult to be worrying about on a first date.
  5. Whatever makes you feel like a vixen...but nothing too tight. There's nothing worse than feeling like a chubb in a tight top after a meal.
  6. Wear something you're comfortable in, which reflects your personality. [For us that would be something with spikes and a floral print. (Pro-tip: Your date will not be able to resist commenting or touching your spikes so you will have to come up with a witty retort if you choose to don them, "These are my thorns but I'm a rose." "It keeps the perverts away.")]
  7. Dress in smarter work clothes than you normally do so that they think that your job is more important than it actually is, then arrive late and say that it was because of your hectic work schedule.
  8. Don’t wear too much make-up. That way, he’ll be impressed rather than disappointed when you wake up with him the morning after date 3 having had two too many margaritas.
  9. Try to stay true to yourself but don't go to one extreme or the other, so don't slut it up or be super conservative.
  10. Sexy bra and pants and the rest is immaterial, he won't notice or remember.
first date tips
"I ain't no-one's trophy...I kiss who I want, when I want"
Grease 2's Stephanie Zinone has the right attitude.

Dear readers, share your own first date fashion tips below! Curious minds want to know. 

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