January 1, 2013

Prisma Dope! A Look for Less

Happy new year everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely NYE and Miriam and I are looking forward to sharing more of our fashion loves with you lovely readers in 2013. Let's start it off with some bags!

Lately, my favorite handbag designers are Alexander Wang and Proenza Schouler. I've been doting dutifully to my PS 1 Medium bag on this blog, but there are just so many lovely styles out there -- a girl's eye can't help but wander! I'm always searching for "the look for less" styles and I recently picked up this great Alexander Wang Prisma Tote inspired handbag from Forever 21.

Prisma Tote Look-a-like

I have also been noticing a lot of Rebecca Minkoff inspired crossbody bags appearing on the shelves of Forever 21 stores. These bags are great for a night out and I adore the contrast between the edgy studs and delicate, classic straps.

Rebecca Minkoff Inspired Bags

What do you dear readers think about designer-inspired bags? Do you divert your fashion funds to one major designer bag of the moment or multiple less expensive versions?


  1. I've been DYING for a Rebecca Minkoff or Chloe bag. BUT NEIGH. I do not have those monies. I've been looking for a good new bag for months now, just can't seem to find one I really love!

  2. Chloe have amazing bags too. Check out Zara for bags! I saw some really nice ones and they have decent prices too. :)


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