March 14, 2013

Touch the Sky

(Sky Ferreira on the cover of S Moda March 2013)

A fashion inspiration that has been on my radar for many moons is Sky Ferreria. It all started with a bout of tumblr-induced hair jealousy in her long, wavy, mermaid hair days. Then, I got hooked on her music -- it's sometimes teenaged Johnny Cash and other times a heartbeat-quickening pop beat. After seeing her music videos, I was even more drawn in because of her utter-abandon grunge style and avante garde lipstick application (see 'Sad Dream' and 'Red Lips' respectively). Basically, she almost makes me want to return my teenaged days and bleach my hair into oblivion. Almost. Oh wait, I already did that.

Listen to the beats and enjoy! Kthxbye! xoxo


  1. I heard her song "Obsession" on a show I watch and have been (appropriately) obsessed ever since! She is GORGEOUS -- I had no idea her hair was so unusual.

    1. She is so gorge! And her music is poppy but unique. I do miss her old hair a little bit though:



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