April 2, 2013

Think Pink

Once again, as we find ourselves lost, we look to Grease 2 for our salvation. Taking the pledge* and a colour favoured by our 5 year-old selves we have picked out our favourite pieces, which somehow manage to avoid looking infantile. Because, you know, adult baby is a pretty difficult look to pull off.

*"The Pink Ladies' pledge is to act cool, to look cool, and to be cool. 'Til death do us part, think pink."

Think Pink
Archie's Girls Lipstick - Mac, Blouse - Reiss, Wood and Rubber Clutch - & Other Stories, Metallic Shoes - Kurt Geiger, Maxi Skirt - Ted Baker, Satchel - The Cambridge Satchel Co, Cherie Bow Nail Varnish - Christian Dior, Trousers - Phillip Lim, Ring - CatBird, Neon Nail Polish - Star Gazer, Dress - & Other Stories, Sunglasses - Monki, Rosette Necklace - Aelska (Available at aelska studio)
Disclaimer: Maybe not all of it together. 


  1. I kind of wanted to be a monochrome crazy and wear it all together...


  2. So fashionable, you are good at matching. I like how you dressing. I have heard that cwmalls.com are providing many sheepskin jackets, want to visit it and choose one for my husband.


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