June 21, 2013

Around The World in 80 Days (or 3 outfits)

Don't get us wrong, we love overpriced souvenirs as much as anyone, it's just that working them into your wardrobe when back home can be tricky. Nobody wants to look as though their gap year threw up all over them and those tie-on Thai trousers don't seem to quite evoke the same feelings of carefree abandon, as they thirstily absorb rainwater (and goodness knows what else) becoming sodden while the wearer trudges through the grimy streets of London.

Having graced almost every continent with her presence and bearing more than a passing resemblance to that oft neglected Disney princess, Esmeralda, this traveler extraordinaire is the perfect person to give us a lesson in how to incorporate holiday purchases into our everyday wardrobes; by teaming the contents of her luggage allowance with high street must haves and vintage pieces, Lia always looks unique and stylish in her eclectic, envy inducing ensembles! 
This beautiful kaftan was picked up in India and the box clutch is by Timmy Woods

Bracelets and Rings of gold - Oh my! 

Left hand:
The chunky gold bracelet belonged to Lia's Grandmom, the vintage gold ring was from her PopPop and the delicate knuckle ring is an Etsy find. 

Right Hand:
The Aztec midi-ring is courtesy of Urban Outfitters and the rose gold bracelets are by Shashi and are available on Shopbop.

We went to every H&M in Stockholm and Lia bought this beautiful dress.

Back in the USA with these Forever 21 earrings. 

Elipants are from India, the velvet bralette is from GAP, the chucky gold necklace is from Accessorize and the dreamy green shoes are by Zara.

Silver sunflower bracelet also belonged to her Grandmom, the felt clutch bag found its way home from Mongolia and the blue ceramic ring is from Penn State.

PhiLIAs Fogg wishes he had her style.

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