June 27, 2013

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

People always say that when you meet "the one", you just know, that sparks will fly from an undeniable, instantaneous connection! No, no, no, not that sort of "one", as most people know, and others would do well to remember, the internet is no place for emotions. The sparks to which we are referring are those formed from a meeting of fashion minds.

A California girl and an English girl were invited to the same graduation party in splendid suburbia; the dress code, "whatever you want" - apparently, to both, this translates as riotous colour, prints galore, voluminous skirts and obnoxious sunglasses, all topped off with dainty gold bracelets.

It's almost enough to make you believe in soul-mates. Almost.
On Miriam: Tupac Tee - Urban Outfitters, Metallic Skirt - French Connection, Heart Sunglasses - The mean streets of Seoul (For Similar)
On Courtney: Neoprene Dress - Eight Sixty from Piperlime, Super Duper Sunglasses - Karen Walker via Matches
Photography by Esmerelda


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