June 17, 2013


(From top to bottom: Joan Smalls in J.Crew, Unknown street-style amazingness, Sara Mary in April Vogue Japan, Solange Knowles in concert, Kiko Mizuhara in April Frau Magazine)

One undeniable trend for S/S is mixing prints. Are you scared? So were we! Well, I think I still am a little scared but I'm trying to think of it as a thrill-seeking experiment. Sky-high roller coasters, horror movies, bungee jumping and mixing prints all induce the same amount of an adrenaline rush in my body. Ironically, what soothes me the most is when I see print mixing with bright, rich colors. If you have more trepidation, pair one bright print with a monochrome print. And finally, the best way to print mixing prowess is to wear accessories or outerwear that you feel confident in -- they could be more subdued like a oversized blazer or more bold like a statement necklace, but whatever gives you that internal "Daaaamn, I look cute, boo" sensation when you put it on. 
Miriam has already taken the print plunge and is dots-deep in an Urban Outfitter's Ghanaian-print bomber jacket, F21 polka-dot top, and geometric print clutch. I hope to follow her in footsteps and also the print-mixing queen, Solange Knowles. Whenever I feel the need for printspiration, I just shuffle on over to tumblr and type her name in the tags search. Go forth and printsper! Alright, I'm done with these puns... for now. 

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  1. Hey,
    great pictures and sweet outfits.
    Prints are lovely.



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