August 30, 2013

A Day in Selfridges Pt. 2: Denim Dreams

Lying somewhere between Picasso's blue period and a foray into James Dean's wardrobe is the Denim Studio in Selfridges - the world's biggest collection of clothes fashioned out of a fabric which was originally designed for cowboys. 
We wandered around the mountains of denim and then drifted  into The Fit Studio, where we found a bevy of experts ready to chat all things denim. A team of riveted elves are also housed back there and in just one hour they can have your jeans fitting you like a stonewashed glove. 

Welcome to Denimland!

In Denimland, the DJ wears a Canadian Tuxedo...

... even the cushions are fashioned out of denim...

...and the shoppers wear moody blue.

 But with the mesmerizing Jeanius Bar...

....which has a myriad of denim cultural references, including the perfection that is Kenickie, Danny et al's James Dean inspired look...

....and chatty Chucks - who was on hand to talk about the perils of  "pancake arse"....

...we were anything but blue.

Miriam's outfit:
Crop tee - Topshop
Neon bag - Zara
Cream brogues - Faith
Chunky sweater - Topshop (similar here)
Rose Gold necklace - H&M (similar here)
Neon bracelet - River Island


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