August 2, 2013

JP! Digital: Holy Trinity

Art, design and photography loving readers, hear hear! Remotely Fashion is now a part of the Just Pirez! Magazine's bloggers network and we would like to share our love of the core of fashion -- art. JP! Digital's newest issue definitely has got our creative juices flowing so bad that we might just start an organic juice bar (flavors will include: 'Purple Drank' and 'Mountain Dew Muse'). 

Just Pirez! Issue four, Holy Trinity, has an overarching theme of perplexing, detailed images that elicit a range of emotions from awe, sympathy, disgust, to curiosity. One of our favorite features in the issue is Andy Rudak's remarkable architectural photography project that depicts a variety of international locations made entirely of cardboard. The realism is amazing and we adored how baby woodland animals randomly appeared in the cityscapes. Another feature that made us look a little harder were the detailed illustrations from Rachel Walsh. Her artwork will make you inspect every detail like when you were a child searching for Waldo. The issue has many more intriguing works from a variety of talented and emerging artists from diverse genres. Be sure to check out the latest issue over here!

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