August 21, 2013

Kris Jane International

If you know anything about us RF girls, you know we love dipping a toe into the world of fantasy. Our ultimate escapist dream involves imagining ourselves as Khaleesi of a tropical island with an armada of well-dressed warriors who tend to our every need including: brushing our unicorns' manes, preparing sea-fresh sashimi and cups of tea, and of course performing K-pop songs on demand. There also might be a teleportation device involved so we could travel to favorite international locations (Tokyo, Seoul, California, London, Washington DC and Columbus, Ohio).

When my friend, Kris Jane, showed me the beautiful and fantastical designs of her clothing line, I truly felt like my inner Khaleesi fantasy was being beckoned! The vivid colors and psychedelic prints in ladylike and flowing silhouettes are certainly what we envision our inner warrior princess wearing. Cue Xena warrior yells of excitement! I also appreciated the mixture of international inspirations, as she is wanderlusting lady, just like Miriam and I. Learning about Kris Jane's inspirations only confirmed my visions:

My inspiration mostly comes from patterns and colors from nature and architecture. The Oceanica collection for example..., the print was inspired by the patterns from the mandarin fish. And the new Foulards collection, the prints are inspired by exotic animals and plants from the rainforest.
And indeed, Kris Jane International's Foulards collection, will make your eyes dance in enjoyment as flora and fauna explode into geometric images. And like a camouflaging chameleon, the shapes morph depending on how the scarves are tied, making the styling possibilities truly exciting. Below are our favorite pieces from the new Foulards collection, that are now available at her online store! Check it out and let us know what your favorite design is.



  1. Kris' line is absolutely amazing! I love the explosion of bold prints and colors!

    BTW..You've got a great blog! Would you like to follow each other?


    1. She's so talented!

      Just checked out your blog, and I love it! Your writing is so witty and of course you have killah style. Let's definitely follow each other, girlfran! - See more at:

    2. eek, nevermind that link at the bottom. Blogger is being weird. lol

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  3. This is sooo right up my street as am an avid headscarf wearer. The prints are gorgeous.


    1. Yeah, I was definitely awestruck when I saw them!


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