August 13, 2013

The Curly Pledge

Siobhan's outfit: Tank top - Madewell, Loose Printed Trousers - Zara, 'Easy Does It' Flats - Chinese Laundry, Rings - River Island, Anklet & Necklace - Etsy, Tote Bag - Forever 21

Miriam's outfit: Speckled T-shirt - Topshop, Eagle necklace - Topshop, Basket bag - H&M, Gold Wedge Sandals - Office, Boyfriend Jeans - H&M

August 14th marks the world's first Wear Your Hair Curly Day and being naturally curly haired ladies, we had to jump on the bandwagon! For those with naturally straight strands, it may be a bit confusing as to why curly haired women would even need a day to wear their hair in their own natural state but anyone with curls, coils, or kinks knows that it's not so cut & dry. Many of us have made our straightening irons a psychological crutch during the 2000's (blame Gwyneth Paltrow) but recently curls have made a huge comeback and we think they are here to stay. Not just about a look, embracing one's curls is also about feeling confident in one's natural state which also may be a societal zeitgeist of the moment. Indeed in the past, we have reserved our curls for those close to us, but now we are more willing now to show our follicular versatility.

But maintaining pretty curls is a learning process and it took us years to refine. My hardest lesson was learned when at 8 years of age, I attempted to get rid of my frizzy halo by gleefully snipping off sections of my mane. My mother was suitably horrified and I'm just glad she didn't put me in a straight jacket. Anyway, here are our hard-earned tips. 

  •  I only comb my hair in the shower with my hair soaking wet. After my hair is fully detangled, I follow up with another rinse of water to encourage the curls clumping together. After squeezing out the excess water with a towel, I allow my hair to air dry. 
  •  Since my hair is fine, I stay away from heavy styling products and simply apply Argan oil to moisturize my hair. 
  •  Once a week I slather my hair with Argan oil and sleep it in overnight, washing it out the next morning. Argan oil is one of the only oils that can fully penetrate the hair shaft and moisturize the hair intensely. 
  •  Up-dos and side-swept styles are my go-to show off my curls while also keeping them from going too Mrs. Rochester a la Jane Eyre
  •  My hair drinks up conditioner, so I only use deep conditioner after I'm done shampooing with a sulfate-free shampoo. 
  •  I also use a wide-tooth comb when my hair is wet, but not every day. Sometimes not detangling my hair allows my curls to better clump together and thereby reduce frizz. 
  •  I apply a creamy leave-in conditioner (Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditioner) and holding product (Tigi Curls Rock) in my very wet hair and then put my hair up in a towel to dry. 
  •  I usually air dry but will use a diffuser on medium heat to speed the drying process. 
  •  Never ever, ever allow a hair dresser use a razor to 'thin' your hair. Like punch them in the throat if they even suggest it. 

We challenge our dear readers to take the pledge as well and wear your hair curly tomorrow! By pledging your name on the Garnier Fructis website, you can also enter to win a trip to NYC and also send deserving girls to 'Rock Camp'. Sounds pretty rad to us. Happy curls!


  1. For me, almost every day is Wear Your Hair Curly Day. Mostly because of laziness.....


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