November 6, 2013

Style Substitute: Benefit 'They're Real' Dupe

Living in Japan as a foreign lady, your appearance is often commented on. It was a little disconcerting hearing some of my former elementary school students call me fat when I wore a chunky sweater to class or all of my female co-workers stroking the back of my head and saying how round it was. But perhaps the most interesting compliment was when my "charm point" was designated as being my eyelashes. A "charm point" can be best described as well... that thing about you that is charming or attractive to others! It could a beaming smile, a pretty beauty mark, or even a nice laugh.

In fact, my charm point must have been so beguiling to those around me that even my middle school aged students could not believe that my eyelashes were real and would sometimes tug on my eyelids to see whether or not I was lying to them. Abuse of teachers aside, what they didn't know is that my eyelashes are thin and stubby things with only the gift of being naturally curled. I am just fiend for mascaras and I have probably tested out every single type in order to achieve the pretty, long lashes I lust for.
About a year ago, I discovered Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara and I was absolutely amazed by its effectiveness in giving long, thick lashes. They never smudged or ran throughout the day and I thought well... here it is...THE HOLY GRAIL OF MASCARA. According to the Benefit website, I am not the only 'They're Real' lover, as one is sold every 10 seconds. Quite amazing!
But after so many years of bouncing from wand to wand, I still had a wondering eye for mascara. A couple weeks ago, my Benefit mascara was drying up rapidly and I was wringing my hands, not really wanting to spend almost 20 pounds on the next tube. I searched through Boots, examining all the display brushes for a similar style to the Benefit brush until I got to the most unlikely of sections -- Collection 2000! The Collection 2000 'Does It All' Mascara had a very similar to brush to that of Benefit 'They're Real'. I had to try it out!


My findings: I found that both mascaras performed very well at providing for my thickness for my thin lashes. 'They're Real' gave a better curl, but had more clumps than the 'Does It All' Mascara. I also found it slightly easier to catch my little eyelashes with the Benefit mascara, because the tip of Benefit mascara has more defined spiked at the tip of the brush. Nevertheless, I believe they are comparable and with such a difference in price point (Benefit: £19.50 vs. Collection 2000: £4.99), Collection 2000 is the winner of this style substitute challenge!

I haven't been able to find a dupe for 'They're Real' that is from a U.S. brand, so if any of our dear readers know of some options, let us know in the comments below! 


  1. Hey lovely,

    We have nominated you to take part in the Liebster Award, its just a little Q and A and helps us lot under 200 followers advertise each other and network a little :D

    Go on our blog to find the questions and a little more about the Liebster Award :D

    Looking forward to seeing your answers :)

    Love CF x

  2. Thanks, dolls! You're so sweet to nominate us.

    Just checked out your blog and fell in lurve! It's great to see another fashion blogging duo.

  3. Nice blog. You are so sweet on you.

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