November 12, 2013

The Girl Repeller

We RF girls may not be menswear fashion experts, but we do know a well-dressed man when we see one. But sometimes we see a man's style that is so upsetting that we can't help but wonder if they are a part of a league of gentlemen who have adapted Leandra Medine's Man Repelling mantra into their own Girl Repeller. Do these men know that these fashion items have the ability to extinguish all traces of female affection? We can only hope that they are aware of their sartorial choices, but as a public service announcement would like to reveal our list of Girl Repelling clothing. 

T-shirts with half-naked women in "sexy" poses
We truly find the popularity of these shirts baffling. Women do not find objectifying other women attractive. We don't think its a coincidence that every time we've seen a dude wearing this kind of shirt, there are no 3D women in sight.

Cargo Shorts
Old Navy's hottest seller is most girls' kill joy. The awkward length of these uselessly utilitarian shorts makes the wearer's legs look completely oxymoronic, both stunted and spindly. To increase female repulsion levels, just pair with ratty sneakers and a peak of white sock. We say to men, don't be afraid of wearing shorts, just go for a higher hem and ditch all the extraneous pockets. We've all moved on from 2002 and so should you. 

This incredibly hard to pull off look can only be mastered by fishermen, computer moguls, and some introverted creatives. All others should be warned of the high levels of toxic ridiculousness that they emit. 

Eyebrow Piercings
Some women are not fans of facial piercings, but we know every girl has met that dreamy boy with a cute lip piercing that may have changed their minds. However, we believe that a man's supraorbital ridge does not need any further decoration. The 90s are totally on trend but this one can stay in the past. Don't let a good face go to waste.

Do our readers have any Girl Repelling trends that they loathe? Or do you just love a man in a turtleneck? Let us know in the comments below. 

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